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CannaDay Tampa Bay Friday, August 22nd 2014

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Florida Cannabis Coalition Presents CannaDay Tampa Bay
Friday, August 22nd
@ The Cuban Club in Ybor City
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Learn about cannabis. Find your path. Make connections.
You’ve heard about different cannabis schools, seminars and classes across Florida.
This isn’t one of them.​

  • Join us along with industry experts, patients, activists, business owners, investors and entrepreneurs, as we gather together to support amendment 2 and support each other as Floridians and together embrace the new medical cannabis economy.
  • NEW! The Entrepreneur Roast: This time we are inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to PITCH THEIR BUSINESS to our panel of industry experts and investors. They tell us what their plans are, and we tell them how to make them better and attract real investment capital. The ones that make the cut will get connected with investors to help make their dreams come true.
  • Plus a full day jam packed with great info and networking opportunities… all for just $249!
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  • Here’s what we are going to cover…
  • The difference between Charlotte’s Web (The Compassionate Cannabis Use Act of 2014) and Amendment 2
  • Why whole plant medication is needed in many critical circumstances
  • You’ll meet the people most affected by legal medical cannabis and learn how your business can help meet their needs
  • Best business practices when entering into a startup opportunity
  • Risk assessment (is it worth it to get into this business?)
  • Cultivation (what’s so specialized about growing cannabis?)
  • Plant Science (GMOs, CBDs, THCA, etc… you get the idea)
  • The steps you NEED to take today to prepare for tomorrow
  • Accounting (ever hear of US Tax Code 280e? It’s pretty important if you plan to have a direct cannabis business)
  • Legalities (a group of lawyers answer your toughest questions.)
  • Activism (who is working to educated government and help change laws?)
  • Licensing (a realistic look at the best way to pursue a distribution or cultivation license and what you can do before we know how it will all play out.)
  • Real Estate (Zoning, city councils, that sort of thing)
  • Regulations (what’s happening in Tallahassee and the latest from the SB1030 Rules Workshop held on August 1st)

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