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CannaOil - The no-heat way


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I have used CannaButter in many FUN batches of Brownies and Chocolate-Chip cookies. Instead, CannaOil can be used.

CannaButter can be very easy to make (as I show below)

But, CannaOil is EVEN easier.

I'll start with CannaOil.
1) Pour some ground-up pot into a old Mayo jar (or other screw-top container);
2) Pour some Oil into the jar (half-a-Cup per Ounce of pot is fine);
3) Close up the jar;
4) Let it sit 24 hours or so (and shake it, once in a while);
5) Open the jar;
6) Pour the contents through a Funnel, with a piece of cheesecloth over it;
7) Squeeze the cheescloth, to get "all of the Goodies";
8) You got some CannaOil.

CannaOil can be used in most Recipes which call for Butter.

CannaButter is about the same, except it has to kept warm.
1) Melt some Butter (but not to boiling);
2) Turn-off the heat;
3) Add a good helping of pot;
4) Let it sit for a while;
5) Warm it up again, when it starts solidifying (but don't heat it up too much);
6) Turn-off the heat again;
7) Repeat 2 or 3 times (over a 2-hour period);
8) Strain-out the mixture;
9) Voila, CannaButter.

This CannaButter method has almost NO smell. If you heat-up the Butter to boiling (an alternative method), it soaks up the THC much faster (20 Minutes, or so) ... but it also creates a lot of smell.
Life has trade-offs: This is one of them.

Whichever method you use, just make sure that the pot is fully dried before you extract.
Damp pot contains a high percentage of Carboxyl-THC.
This form of THC is not psychoactive.
As the pot dries, the Carboxyl form turns into the real THC.

Once the pot is dry, it is safe to extract.
If not, you will extract a bunch of Carboxyl-THC (not a good thing to have).
And, there will be no easy to way to try to convert it to THC.


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Just leave it to the pros. I've tried a hundred times to make it all kinds of ways, but I just buy Cannola. It's cheaper, easier, and totally consistent. If you don't live in LA, too bad heheh

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Hi elieb, you may have already answered your own question, but I'm going to put this out there in case it helps someone else.

It is important to know how potent your oil is before you start cooking (there are lots of other posts in this forum that explain how to calculate the potency). If your oil is very potent, you may want to mix it with regular (vegetable or coconut) oil to make up the amount called for in the recipe. For example, if the recipe says to use 3/4 cup, and your oil is super potent, you might want to only use 1/4 cup canna oil and 1/2 cup regular oil.
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