Cannas crash course on hash

This process is very very similar to Matt rizes process. Only thing missing is the wash machine. Please to ask questions and leave comments. Howeber please watch the video (posted below) before asking any questions as the videe should answer most of them. Enjoy

Ok. Quick rundown of my extraction process.

Simple.5gal bucket with a 3/4 in ebb n Flo drain and some 3 inch hose. I also used a valve as u can see. Completely unnecessary.

Set on a milkcrate in the tub. And insert bags 25-175 (last 4) ensure a 2" gap between each bag.

Meanwhile I prepare a sprayer with ice and water. This spray should be new and never had chemicals or the like through it. Its worth the 20 bucks for a dedicated sprayer.

In a seperate 5 gallon bucket I insert my catch bag (220) then alternate ice trim ice trim etc. Until full or out if trim. Always start with ice and end with ice. Fill with water and let set 20-40 minutes before agitation.]

After its chilled for 20-40 minutes. agitate for 30 minutes. Ensuring to stop for 1 minute every 5 to allow any Loos trichs to sink through the bag. You should have a nice foam on top when ur done.

Pull your catch bag and dump the water from the bucket into your drain bucket with your other 4 bags

After the water has drained I begin pulling my bags up. (This part is where Matt rizes video comes in handy)
I pull the bags further down the sides to bring the bottom up toward the top and taught like a drum skin. Using the sprayer to push the mass and any trichs stuck on the side down to the center.

Once centered I proceed to hit the mass with the sprayer. I do this for about 2-3 minutes each bag. Al the while "rolling or swishing " the bucket around. (Again please refer to matts video)

As you can see above this it pushes the green out and helps clarify the hash.

I then scoop my material onto coffee filters, set them on a paper towel then press the paper towel. This lump is how it will remain for 24-36 hours (until a hard shell forms around the mass.)


After the shell has formed it is run through a zester onto parchment paper. This part can be difficult and a bit messy. I use a brownie tray (the sides help contain the hash), after zesting place it in a jar with the lid off for 24 hours then begin 12 hours with the lid on 12 off until the hash has reached the moisture level I want.

Over the course of these few days the color will change dramatically as u can see below.

Then enjoy.

Important notes
I use the rounded smooth egg beater on a drill and the sodden spoon by hand. I don't recommend the flat egg beaters as they less agitate and more molest the trim. I always seem far more green matter when I use the flat style.

The wooden spoon is used on my minute breaks to help push the trichomes down. I don't use it much to agitate.

Don't be afraid to hit the mass with some pressure when using the sprayer (the more u can use without physically blasting the mass out of the bag the better, the more green will get washed away giving Iliad a cleaned brighter more colorful product)

Hope this helps someone. Its basically rizes process without the bubble now machine. Follow these steps and u will see full melt every time.

The last and most important thing i can stress is the bags. You will notice I don't use the traditional plastic sided bags. They are wretched and will cause more hassle than they are worth. I wont recommend a brand but I will say do your research and spend a little extra THE BAG IS EVERYTHING. if u don't buy good ones you will regret it. Take it from the man whose almost 1k into bags.
Re: cannas crash course on hash.

Forgot to add. I shoot for an RH of 58% in the jar before I close it for a week to cure. By then end this sets it about 55% (perfect IMO) but moisture content is largely preference so long as its dry enough to not mold in cure.
I forgot to mention also lol. After I dump my bucket through the bags I take the catch bag and reinsert it in the mix bucket and do at least one more agitation on it. Usually two (so 3 mixing sessions total)
question.. so you should save all your trimming from start to finish? or just from flower to finish? all leaves? branches?
Yes! Always seperate. Don't wanna get the low grade mixed into ur full melt.. that'd be tragic. Bag 1 (170? Ish?) Goes back into the trim bag. Bag 2 (120?) Goes into medibles or pills. 3 is full melt (73) and the last 4 (mind u I'm not counting the catch bag (220) is bubble.
I just may do that. Gotta get a cameraman and some more trim first now but I may do that. However the video posted above is so close to what mine would be its almost pointless. But I do enjoy making em lol so I may next batch. Thanks for the idea
The way I see it everyone has there own little step they like to do because it works better that way for them. I know there are things I do that are just a little diffrent than others and they try my way and hate it. I do there way and hate it. Plus I would pick watch a video instead of read it all. Plus we all know you are a attention whore anyway.......LOL
Hey CS, did you see the video Subcool posted to his Weed Nerd Youtube channel? It's a talk Matt gave about making hash. The big thing I got from it was the importance of temperatures. He basically said the colder everything is, the better the product. ie, he makes his own extra cold ice and works in a cold room when making the hash. It made sense to me. He is trying to avoid melting the trichomes I think.

Anyway, I can post a link if you have trouble finding it. I think it's the latest Weed Nerd episode.
I haven't seen it. But yeah I usually only make hash on the coldest days. Mix on the porch pull the catch bag then go dump the water. I keep the sprayer on the.porch (with ice water) til I need it. But I have gotten great results indoors (75 or so) as well.
I have a hash/trim question, so I'm going to the expert... :adore:

Can you describe what you do with your trim form harvest day through collection?
What would you suggest if one wanted to store the trim for up to 4 months?

Thanks in advance for what I am sure will be very enlightening. :Namaste:

OK I realized that was a little vague. In order to make it easier on you, and to make sure my specific questions are addressed...

I'd like to know how you collect the trim during harvest. I used an old window when I did the WW the other night. Then what do you do with the trim? I have it in a turkey bag. The bag is wide open and I flip/rotate the material every time I go down there (2-50 times a day). Then what?

I always threw away my trim material in my prior grower life. See! I'm already becoming a better grower! It's easy when I have yummy hash as a motivator. :yummy:

Second addition:
Should I do anythign different if I wanted to store the trim for a few months? I may not get bags for this first harvest. I need to spend that money towards improving production of the second batch, ie improve veg area, so bubble bags might have to wait until the next round. Can I just put the trim in the freezer? or would that knock off all the trichomes?
Aha. Good question sir.

After my buds dry 3-4 days minimum I trim it I collect the trim into a jar with a humidipak (62%) vacuum seal it and toss her in the freezer... a year long enough for u to get some bubble bags? ;) xlr8 has a great writeup on the process (for bud. Same deal) I like a cure on the trim as well, it makes for a nicer product IMO.
Sorry didn't notice the first question, the hydro store sales a lap tray with a little screen in it and a catch tray below. I trim onto that (I don't kief the leaves it just happens to have the screen so I deal with it.) Once trimmed I place them back in their respective baskets for the flower tower where they'll hang for another day or two before being jarred up, burp the jars for 15 minutes 2x a day for a week then seal and bury in my soil (cool and dark in the soil where I store it :)) til I wanna smoke it. I'm odd like that lol
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