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I was hoping to be able to make chocolate with cannabutter. I found a recipe online that uses butter and cocoa powder, along with milk and powdered sugar, but it made more of a truffle-like chocolate that would not harden no matter how long frozen. I compromised and just made truffles. They're pretty good, but I'm wondering if someone has a recipe for actual chocolate I can make with cannabutter?

1 cup cocoa powder
3/8 cup cannabutter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2/3 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 bag of milk chocolate baking chips

What I did...

1. Mixed butter warmed to room-temperature into cocoa powder inside a double-boiler until it was a nice paste.
2. Stirred in powdered sugar and milk, along with salt.
3. Added more milk/sugar to taste. Added too much milk I believe.
4. Poured into ice tray. Froze over night, never set past semi-solid, was much like pudding.
5. Put it back into double-boiler to reduce. Used a smear-test on foil to test and quit reducing when it set with truffle-consistency.
6. Put milk chocolate chips into double-boiler until melted.
7. Rolled truffle chocolate into balls.
8. Dunked truffle balls into milk chocolate, coated completely, then placed on parchment paper.
9. Cooled in the freezer until milk chocolate hardened.
10. Got medicated

So I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on making the kind of chocolate I was actually after? From what I've looked up there's some kind of "chocolate tempering" process that seems really complicated and like it might not be worth the hassle. I like these since I'm keeping it all in the freezer anyway, and making them into truffles just makes them easier to handle versus having the gooey-truffle-like chocolate mix in ice trays and eating it with a spoon lol

Anyway I figured I'd share the recipe, they're not at all bad, just not what I was hoping for.

Chris Scorpio

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Mmmmmm chocolate

Sounds like too much liquid in the mix

Looks more like a truffle than chocolate bar recipe

Now u got me curious, I'm Gunna search for something fun
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