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Cannibas Oil for Dog


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I need help PLEASE!!!! My dog has been diagnosed with cancer. She is a 19 pound dachshund and was diagnosed on 4/30 with breast cancer which they believe has mastasized to her lymphnodes too. About 2 weeks ago I started her on cannabis oil, hemp seed, and a raw food diet (I do not have immediate access to the oil so I had to wait for it to get to me). I am having a REALLY hard time dealing with the consistency of the oil. I am not sure how to work with it.

Is there an easier way to administer it to her? I am currently just pushing a small amount (about the size of a half a grain of rice) out of the syringe and cutting it off with a knife and TRYING to put it in her food. Half the time it sticks on the knife and then smears everywhere which makes it impossible to get into her food. I am just beside myself.

She is my registered (through the Veterans Administration) service animal. I am a disabled vet and need her in my life!!!! There are so many "vets" out there faking disabilities that getting services animals anymore is so damn expensive and almost impossible. I am doing everything possible to save her life. I know it is a long shot but I want to try everything possible!!! Can anyone help me????


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I would think putting it directly onto a treat or on a piece of food would work. I have never tried, but if your dog is like mine, she will eat anything. Also, I know people use a "tacking" method under their lips directly to the gums. Maybe g**gle tacking cannabis oil and see if you can find any info. If not I believe there is a thread on cannabis oil in one of the forums on here. It also tells you how to make it yourself. Good luck! Thank you for your service!


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We make doggie treats their all natural and organic. We use all natural ingredients and I make canna olive oil and butter. My boy is hard to medicate, this way he just thinks it is a treat and he loves them. I also make some with glucosamine in theme for his hip dysplasia.


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You can add a little coconut oil to the cannabis oil it will make it easier to deal with .. Good luck from a dog lover ..


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You can usually get a peice of white chocolate (which is fine for almost all dogs) or a nice biscuit. Chew it up yourself, then wrap the sticky mess around the oil so that it's in the center of it. You're furry friend will lap it up.

It's a messy approach but it works for me everytime.

Hope all is well?
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