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Cannibudds First CFL indoor 2014


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Hey everyone,

This is my first post here aswell as my first indoor (Stealth) grow box setup,
so far in the box i have 2 x Reserva Privada Purple 1 x Afgan mass (Auto flower) and 1 x bag seed test subject.

I've been soaking the seeds in water until the taproot is visible then i have been putting them into peat pellets and then burying them halfway into a pot of perlite and vermiculite.

currently only running 6 cfl's 3 x 23watt 2700k and 3x 23watt 6500k until i get some more cash to buy more 6500k bulbs, I have 2 x 120mm CPU fans as my outlet's and 2 x 80mm fans as the inlets with an added 80mm in the box just to move air around more.

I have a 180 watt ufo LED light that i planned on setting up in a closet perhaps with one of the 130watt CFL's i have purchased.

the afgan mass did suffer early in it's life as i was away for the weekend and the person left in charge let my plants die leaving only the Afgan mass which now i believe is looking very lovely.

I started the 2 reserva privada in perlite/vermiculite and have repotted one into perlite/coir to experiement (Was a whole lot of root growth coming out of the peat pellet!)

there was some yellowing at the tips of all the plants (minus the stupid bag seed) but after applying some small doses of nutes using "Charlie Carp - Natural Fish Fertiliser" they yellowing seems to have gone away. (ANY AUSTRALIANS HERE ABLE TO SUGGEST SOME NUTRIENTS THAT WORK VERY WELL?)

I will add some photos and get this journal underway.

I look forward to joining this community and hearing some feedback and learning everything I can.




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Today I will be putting my new seeds into peat pellets.

2x Vision Seeds Northern Lights Auto Feminized
1x Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic Auto Feminized
and 1x mystery seed that i got with my order, I believe it's mango something :p

David Bowman

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