Canobud's 2nd Grow - Liberty Haze & Critical Kush


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Hello 420ers, pull up a chair-

My first grow is in the books and I'm 7 weeks into my next pair of plants. Details:

Liberty Haze (fem)
Critical Kush (fem)
Both were freebies from Gorilla Seed Bank .
Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest with ~25% perlite
3 gallon Smart pots
Spring water
Nutes: none yet, except one light cal/mag feeding
Age: 7 weeks from seed

They've been plugging along with no issues so far. Both plants have been FIM'd and supercropped, as well as defoliated a few days ago. I intend to keep them in veg for another three weeks or so before flipping to 12/12.

Critical Kush on the left, Liberty Haze on the right:




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Unexciting update...halfway into week 9 of veg. I did some defoliation on both, a little more on the shorter one because there were just so many leaves encircling the top and blocking several bud sites. I also gave them 1/4-strength Grow Big and Big Bloom, which is their first bit of nutrients ever. Some of the lower leaves were looking a little worse for wear.




cool beans.
lookin good there.

sub'd cuz I just put a critical kush in my first ever dwc, lol.
End of week 9 veg...I did some defoliation again today, most of this from the critical kush. I get that some leaves will yellow around the bottom from lack of light or whatever, but is this excessive for plants in ocean forest soil? They've only received one light nute feeding a week ago, and the Liberty haze actually has the slightest of burnt leaf tips on a few leaves. I'm trying to understand the visual difference between yellow leaves from lack of light vs. nutrient deficiencies. Poor light penetration in a cramped tent?


In other news...we christened the bubble bags tonight .


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Re: Canobud's 2nd Grow - Liberty Haze & Critical Kush

That bubble from your widow run? Have fun with it man. Its some potent stuff.
That yellowing almost looks like a mag def with the green veins and the yellowing between. Not certain tho...

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Canobud's 2nd Grow - Liberty Haze & Critical Kush

Ok so my Liberty Haze is being difficult and I'm not sure how to treat. Some upper leaf tips are showing signs of nute burn, but it's only received one treatment of 1/4-strength fox farms grow big and big bloom, and some cal-mag a week later when those big lower leaves started yellowing. Just spring water otherwise. What the hell is wrong?





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Looks like mg def... and nute burn at 1/4 strength? The nutes in of normally only lasted around 3-4 weeks before I would have to feed. How are you mixing your nutes?

She gets watered in the morning, so I'll do another dose of cal-mag. Because the soil is naturally hot it seems like the one nute feeding burned the tips even so long after planting. I use spring water by the gallon, so I mix nutes in the jug accordingly. Just one nute and one cal-mag feeding done so far though. Just spring water otherwise.

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