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Can't believe this


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My mom came home today with a flier she got from a local town's "day." The flier had so much false and misguided information on it , it made me irate and i ripped that shit to pieces . Even my mom knows weed is safe . It was also made in 2002 , and they are still handing it out to people . Everything on there had been disproved by scientists over the past seven years . I plan on going to the committee and giving them hell for handing this BS out to people .

Anyone else notice their communities doing things like this ? And even though the booklet was meant to make weed look bad , they failed horribly .


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They are sending out their vision of marijuana. We have to send out ours.


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you only have to read up on the benifits and the disbenifits to see the diference, i cant find one problam with weed appart fropm the fact if caught with loads wee end up going through the court system and thats the only problam, i was reading about the help it gives to those with downsydrome, parkinsons, huntinson, sclerosis, spasticism, and the list goes on, but the health service where i live would rather palute people with pian killers and other killer cocktails wich are killers and cause all sorts of liver, lung and heart problams none of wich you can get from weed, !!

seeding, cloning, veging, growing, flowering, weeding, choping= smoking,.!! puff puff! peace people;)


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Well there are some negative effects , but I won't bother mentioning them because they are benign and have little effect at all on us . So my conclusion is ... weed is safe :cough:
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