Canuk NL Autos & Lemon Pineapple Photoperiod Side-By-Side In Coco

Blue Dream - I switched the spliffs
I gave up trying to sleep and at around 4 got up and made coffee. It's now 6 here, we're an hour ahead of you.
Still fekin hurts and I think my toenail is going to fall off, it's purple like a summer raincloud about to drop
I'm on plan B now, Girl Scout Cookies
Arshh probably better if it dose come off no??

Aww nice girl scouts how many you going to do? I'm next grow I'm only gonna do one plant 2 in that small wardrobe is to much and not enough light coverage 😒 🙄 another well learned mistake or il need 2 small baby plants 🤔 I'm now staring the pk13 14 I've posted on the page
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