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Cape Coral Man Says Medical Marijuana Changed His Life

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A controversial topic coming to light in the sunshine state. Could Florida be the next state to legalize medical marijuana? A state senator is introducing a bill to push for it. The bill would allow Floridians with serious medical conditions to legally obtain and use marijuana if their doctor recommends it.

Cape Coral resident and former law enforcement officer Anthony Cincotti said using medical marijuana cut his chronic pain in half.

"Several years ago I had a line of duty injury to my spinal chord that prevented me to maintain my status as a peace officer." Cincotti said.

After countless amounts of pain and medication, Anthony said his doctors recommended the different type of relief.

"My pain level went significantly down I was able to get up and function. I went out for the first time in a year and a half." Cincotti said.

Now, some lawmakers in Florida are using stories like Anthony's to push for legalization. The proposed bull would regulate how much marijuana is grown and possessed. It would also require a license to facilities distributing it. Besides all the health benefits, Tripp Spring from the Florida Cannabis Action Network said it would boost the state's economy.

" I'm a business man I'm on the chamber of commerce this will bring jobs to Florida. Retirees are not going to be moving to Florida when they can move to other states and get medical marijuana." Spring said.

A recent poll in the Miami Herald found that 70 percent of Florida voters support such legislation. 18 other states have legalized the use of medical marijuana.


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