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Cap'n style inspired grower needs pot size advice.


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I'm doing a top feed to waste grow with rockwool cubes. I don't have tons of room to grow monsters 2x5x6. I'm going to fill it up with 3 plants, wall to wall. The question is I have 2 sizes of Air Pots 7.5L and 20L pot. Refer to the picture if you would. Also, please look at how the the drip ring is situated.


What do we think? 7.5 or 20?




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Thanks for the input. It's looking like the 20l pot is favored. I figured this is the advice I'd get. Just one question, if I wanted to limit final size, would the large pot still be better, even if I cropped and top and all that?


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are you planning on using those clear totes as reservoirs?? if so,the light will have the water/nute solution rotten as hell in a few days,black/yellow totes can be had for 10.97
same reason people dont use clear hoses in a grow room,algae and stink

you wont regret the cap'ns method,if you have direct questions,he answers pm quickly,or his blog,direct answers from the man himself

good luck

edit--- i just re-read that your doing top feed to waste?? for the whole grow?? that will be wayyy expensive.
in the beginning it will be fine,but as these bad boys grow they consume a couple of gallons a day,its a ton of wasted product(water/nutrient)


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I'm not using the clear totes as reservoirs. The only purpose of the bottom tote is to catch drips and get the plants up so that it'll drain down and out of the tent. The Light tight reservoir is outside the tent. Yeah I'll recirculate later in the grow. Thanks for the advice!
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