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Hey everyone.... I started a grow journal on caramello but never followed up on it so here is my personal review on it... I used a top drip system in combination with airstones, i used a t5 light fixture and ballast that holds 6 2700k bulbs, 6 for veg and then 6 for flower. The low temptature of the t5 bulbs make it ideal for my low profile setup and really keep heat down to a minimum... I used a combination of techno flora boost and bloom/grow and advanced nutrients bigbud, b52, sensi grow a&b and sensi bloom a&b with great sucsess... Two weeks flush of straight ph balanced water at the end aswell
Having grown mostly outdoors in the country befor moving to the city , this was all a learning experience for me but after my first few grows i've figured out a great setup that personally works for me...

Caramello plant
Having grown a few different strains before this one, i was a bit confused at the way it grew, instead of the traditional pot plant that has uniformed stems and feeder leaves, the caramello plant was more of a wild grower meaning it shot branches out everywhere along its length making pruning and defoilation a must throughout its grow... I was impressed by its low height and almost nonexistent smell (besides the last week of flower where there was a hint of smell). Having a low smelling plant was my main concern when picking a strain to buy and i wasn't at all disappointed with my purchase ...
The final product was an amazing smooth smoke that with a bit of a fruity taste to it and the high it produced was great for creativity when inspiration was needed but also great as a night time sleeper...
I grew this plant in a smaller cabinet space so the end product weight could vary in another grow but that being said i got just under 6 ounces per plant of dried/cured product and another few grams of amazing bubble hash from the trimmed sugarleaves...

Final thoughts on caramello is that it isn't for a first time grower as it needs some manicuring and attention throughout the grow but i really didn't mind it personally, the nutrient intake is a bit smaller then other plants i've grown so start off nuts at 1/8 to 1/4 the recomended nutrients called for on the label and slowly increase them over time stopping when you see leaf tips burning and dial it back down a bit... I can't wait to try this strain again, possibly in a screen of green setup as this strain might excel at this

I hope this is usefull and if needed i can answer and questions in more detail
Cheech :)
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