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Carbon Air Filter


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I am only using 50% of the fan now and am not too bad with the results. Wife doesn't like the little smell in the garage.
I'm going to put a 4" on the end and crank the fan to 100%.
Does that sound okay?
Turning the fan up will put more pressure on it, causing a premature failure. You would be better turning it down to march the capacity of the 4 inch filter. Better still get a 6 inch filter. :thumb:


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my exhaust fan is a six inch fan, and i reduce it to a four inch pipe that exits the building. i was told by experts in the field, wrigley field i think, that these type of exhaust fans, you know, the type we all use, the barrel shaped thingies

well, they actually compress the air, or are capable of compressing the air, that is why we use them,, and that compressed air when pumped out that four inch pipe pumps nearly the exact amount of air as if it were a six inch pipe

now, a regular ole fan is not the same, indeed,, there would be definite air loss that way

so i am informed,, cheers


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I am harvesting in 3 days. I am getting exactly what you stated. I am going to an 8" and I'll keep the 6" for my intake.
Thanks as always.
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