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Carbon Dioxide, is it enough?

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Hey there,

I'm a first time grower trying to plan out my secret indoor garden (read: inside of a tent inside a closet).

I was wondering, do I actually need to install an air exchange system? If I generated carbon dioxide and had it flowing down and over my plant, would that be sufficient?

I'd back that up with a rotating fan to keep the air flowing around the space. But I'd avoid have any intake fans, exhaust fans, filters, etc. I know the pressure would build up and push out of my grow tent, but I think I can deal with the smell as it seeps out.

What do you guys think?

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Ok, thanks for that budly. I'm planning on investing in digital temp and humidity monitors so hopefully I'll be on top of any problems if they come up.
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Sorry to bump an old thread but for anybody that follows, this is working great for me so far. I'm generating CO2 with this formula:

1 liter water
6 table spoons brown sugar
1/4 tea spoon of baker's yeast (bread yeast)

It works for about 4-6 days on average. I pipe it through a tightly sealed rubber hose up over my plants so it flows down onto their eager leaves. You can check it's working by holding the hose under water and watching the bubbles. You want a slow steady stream of bubbles.