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Carbon filter exhaust fan - opinions needed


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I am planning my first grow area. It will be under the basement stairs. Single 250W HID and 2 to 4 plants in soil.

I was wondering on two possible exhaust / scrubbing solutions:

1. Take two $14 bathroom ceiling fans (4 sones / 50 cfm) from HD, mount two $12 carbon screens in front of them (made for range hoods) then put 4" hose behind them and lead them out of the area.

2. Make a DIY 6" x 24" carbon filled canister with a 4" neck. Create a box with 4 pc case fans (12V) inline with each other (Antec Pro, 30 dBA/79cfm). 4" hole on each side of the box, then 4" hose out of the area.

- what would ventilate best?
- what would be quietest?
- what would hold the smell down best?

Thanks in advance!
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