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Carbon filter


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Anyone using one of these CF brands?
- Max Carbon Filters
- Carbon Active
- Can Filters
- Prima Klima

I'd like to know if any of the above mentioned are good.
I use the 6"x16" Phresh carbon filter and it works great no smells at all outside the grow cabinet, not that I have too but I replace it after every grow which is about every 4-5 months... At $69 its just worth it to me to never have to worry about it failing and getting caught by the smell patrol, but if you can get a year more power to ya


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I have 2 phresh filters. The smaller one has almost 2 years and it's still better then a new low budget one. I have tested that few months ago. The store I shop in don't have it anymore, they only have the above mentioned, but I'll order from elsewhere.
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