Carbon filters any difference?


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When i first started i purchased a shit air filter carbon with a fan. Ofc the shit fan broke i got a free PK125-TC from the store! awesome of them! however this fan has CFM i think its called of 400m3. so it way bigger then then the filter am looking at now.

Am looking at two brands CarbonActive HomeLine and Phresh filter both are the same price. what would i pick? i both are active carbon so both will sooner or later be depleted. I am of after that ever that will cover the smell best.

Dose any one here have any experience with this brands?


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I only ever buy rhino filters as they've worked great for me but whatever you choose, do not scrimp out on them, i would say they are the most important tool you need not just for smell but to help with the enviroment.

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Phreah is good. I bought shitty filters at the start as well and humidity clogged them up. I don't know if they are all like this but anything over 40% destroys them. I'm now using terrabloom, they are about 40-50$ for the 4-6" ones and work great. I won't be using my humidifier anymore tho just be safe, which sucks but hey. Also all these carbon filters will elmiminate the smell the same.


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this fan has CFM i think its called of 400m3. so it way bigger then then the filter am looking at now.

That's not "CFM," because CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. When you see a cubic meter rating like that, it's "per hour." 400 m³ equals 14,125.9 ft³. Divide that by 60 to go from "per hour" to "per minute" and you end up with 235.43 cubic feet per minute.

That's not exactly a high-capacity carbon filter, lol. And you want your filter's rated CFM capacity to be greater than that of the fan that's moving air through it.

As for which brand to pick - assuming that you've got two or more choices of adequate rating - I'd go with whichever one has the smallest media size, since it's the surface area that makes the difference. That plus the actual amount of it, of course.

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I have the smallest filter that Phresh offers, the 4"x8". Currently on my second grow with it and have no issues.


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Yeah am going to go with the Phresh filter, have read a bit about them. Also i did walk in to a store and look at it and it feels like "quality". Not like like the generic brand i have now. Thanks for all the feedback. :)
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