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Carcass' $150 Low Budget Grow 2019


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I don't even have a frame!
That's a good idea-I'd need at least a partial framework to hang the fans,but my next grow is going to be autos,so I could actually put a hook in the ceiling for the light,and I won't even need a roof on the "oval"...


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Not an update,but wanted to post something I tried yesterday that actually worked
for lowering the temps in "the box".
We've got a little heat wave going on,temps got to 93f yesterday-86 in the house-my box runs about 6 degrees warmer than room temp-which put the canopy at 92,and that's hot enough for me to start worrying.
I already added a second exhaust fan last week,which cooled it off to 6 above ambient from
10 above,but that's not enough in this heat.
So,obviously the heat from the light isn't being pulled out fast enough,because it just blows straight out and gets mixed with the incoming, somewhat cooler air.
I decided to add "wings" to the bottom of the light(sort of like this \[___]/ )to direct all that heat upward,where the exhausts can pull it out before it mixes with the incoming and circulating air.
Here's a pic of the prototype "wings" on the light(I may redo them,but they're working,so I may not-they're crude,but effective...)

And here's the temps ten minutes later....the number on the left is the temp at the canopy,
the number on the right is room temp-I'm pretty happy with that-since the intake air is pulled from floor level,it's actually 2 degrees cooler in the box than it is at 4' high in the room...


Still a little warm,but 82 sure beats the hell out of 90...

That's all for now,just thought this might help someone else battling high temps in a tent,or
whatever container they're growing in...:peace:

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Loving the ingenuity Carcass! :bravo: any drop in temp is beneficial.
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