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Carcieri Vetoes Marijuana Dispensary Bill


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
As expected, Republican Governor Carcieri has vetoed legislation allowing the creation of marijuana dispensaries to provide the drug to sick people who use it for medicinal purposes.

In his veto message, he said: "Allowing the manufacture and sale of federally illegal drugs would send the wrong message to our children and would place them at risk.

"Although the intent of the legislation is to allow consenting adults to use marijuana only for medicinal purposes based on illness, the increased availability, along with a complacent attitude, will no doubt result in increased usage, and will negatively impact the children of Rhode Island.''

Carcieri said federal law still classifies marijuana as a controlled substance, "despite attempts to argue medical necessity.''

Citing a court ruling that gives Congress responsibility to regulate the interstate drug market, he said: "This ruling puts the individual grower and any future 'compassion center,' regardless of licensing status with the state at risk for prosecution by the federal government, while significantly complicating the responsibilities of state and local law enforcement officials.''

The House and Senate versions of the bill passed both chambers with veto-proof majorities, and votes to override the veto are expected.

The lead House sponsor - Rep. Thomas Slater - said he expects to start a medical marijuana protocol in the coming days -- an effort to help relieve the symptoms of advanced breast cancer and stimulate his appetite. The Providence representative said he "knew the veto was coming, but was disappointed anyway."

Slater says both the Senate president and the speaker have promised him they would override the veto, if necessary.

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Source: The Providence Journal
Author: Katherine Gregg
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