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Carmi Man Accused Of Having Elaborate Cannabis Grow Room

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Richard L. Powell, 32, is free on $2,500 cash bail after being arrested Thursday morning at his 704 N. Second St. residence in Carmi where police say he had an elaborate marijuana growing operation.

Powell was booked on preliminary charges of unlawful production of more than 30 cannabis plants, a class felony, and unlawful possession of more than 30 grams of cannabis, a class 4 felony.

Carmi Police Chief Mike Thomas said the case unfolded when police received an anonymous tip about the alleged "grow room" and did some follow-up investigation. Carmi police officers, accompanied by White County sheriff's deputies, descended on Powell's residence around 9 a.m. Thursday and found a family member at home. Thomas said the family member contacted Powell, who returned home from work and signed a consent allowing the officers to search his residence.

The search resulted in the alleged discovery of an elaborate "grow room" in the basement of the residence and the seizure of some 31 cannabis plants and about 60 grams of harvested plant material. All the growing plants were less than one foot tall. The room included, according to Thomas, a reflective material applied to the walls, several large "grow" lights, fertilizer and a sophisticated irrigation system fashioned from plastic piping.

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