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Hi there everyone. I am restarting my garden. I had moved a few months months ago. It was my first grow and the plants didnt respond well to the new enviornment. So now that im a little more prepared i figured i should try and restart.

At the moment i have two strains i started from seed from High-Grade Seeds
10 Blue Widow
8 Blue Rhino

Coming in a few days are new seeds
5 feminized Lavender from Soma seeds
3 feminized Green Love Potion from Samsara seeds(Black Domina x lavender)
1 feminized Northern Lights x Skunk from G13 labs
and 4 other single seeds i got as freebies.the main one im interested in is called La Blanca which is a white widow x snow white cross. An old and a new favorite of mine. Figured it would be a keeper

Everythings in a coco and perilite mix. Heavy on the perilite. Id say almost 50/50. Ive been having some troubles this go around. At first everything was moving much faster than anticipated. I had them in small containers that would dry out every 3 or 4 days under a 2ftx2ft 8 bulb T5. within 2 wekks seedlings were quickly rootbound. Roots shooting out the bottom like crazy.The containers the plants are in now just dont wanna dry out. I have a dehumidifier which keeps the room around 45% humidity. There under a 1000w in 1 gallon pots.its been 2 weeks and there not drying out. Theyve only been watererd the one time when i transplanted. I gave them a little under a 1/4 strength nutrients feeding. there still wet but i see plenty of roots sticking out of the bottom. Now theyre havin problems. looks like nitrogen lockout and overwatering.
Ill have pics posted soon but right now i cant seem to upload pictures
Checking out your journal. I've read some journals that have problems with coco. I use coco myself but only about 10-15% of my soil is coco. I've read that some people have problems with coco not drying out because it's almost like a sponge. Anyway, you can read the following on coco:

Growing with Coco: Questions, Answers & Scuttlebutt

Hope that helps dude. :bong:
Thanks for the link. I believe i had read that one already but it did remind me of a few things. i finally got a few pics on my camera but after 500 pictures, 2 dead batteries and every setting i still cant get a decent pic 90% of the time.

so here it goes:

first is seedling pre transplant

heres after

2nd transplant

goin downhill fast looks like overwatered and nute lockout to me

cant see on pictures put leaves have purple patches on the leaves
thanks for the input its greatly gonna be gettin an intake fan in a few weeks. the room has vents on the bottom of the walls to pull cool air off the floor in and i got an exhaust fan.i also have a fan inside that blows air around.

but i was under the impression that was the purpose of the dehumidifier. taking moisture out of the air to help everything dry out faster. its sets at 40-45% so it not very humid at all.
Yes the dehumidifier's purpose is to lower the humidity. Because you have this problem with your medium not drying out, I would lower the humidity even more. It kind of looks to me like a cal/mag deficiency. I might be wrong though. :goodluck:
yeah ive been told thats one of the drawbacks to the coco. you got to keep up on the cal-mag. this is all a little annoying because when i transplanted them i dosed them with a cal-mag at a 1/4 strength. thats why im thinkin its a lockout from the damp coco. PH is probably way off from taking forever to dry out.

theyre actually starting to dry out a little. probably dry a quarter or half the way down the pot. bottoms still a little moist so im gonna wait another day still
A little bit of info on the room its 6ft wide by 16 ft long.
As far as equipment goes im currently running a 1000w, exhausting the hood, 12,000 BTU AC, 70 pint dehumidifier and a fan to circulate air
I have PH and PPM meters as well as a 25 gallon resevior

within the next few weeks i will setting up additional lights. I have a total of three 1000w switchable ballasts ill be running on 220v/240v (whichever it is). I currently have the one 1000w on 110/120. All three will run off a Master Light Controller. the plan is to have a 4ft by 12 ft tray in the each 1000w covers a 4ft x 4ft area.
Sounds like your building a world wonder over there. Can only imagine the size of the smile on your face. Gonna be blinding make sure to wear the shades my friend. I will subscribe to your journal. Good luck with the meds for sure.:nicethread:
thanks for stoppin by
at my last place i had two 1000w setup over a 4 x 8 table. it was an instant headache when you walked in the room.

Gave the babies some plain water today. they felt dry yesterday so i decided to wait another day just to be safe. i got a little to excited last watering and should have just waited. ill post pics in the next few days. dont really see to much growth but theres definitely roots pokin out of the bottom of the pots now so thats a good sign. prolly still a little shocked.

I also received my seeds today. of course it wasnt what i ordered but thats how it usually works. pretty close and its not really a downgrade. overral im still pleased. im just glad my FEM lavender came through. my buddy said it was a touchy one so id rather start with 5 green love potions were supposed to be fem but are not. and i didnt get my freebie la blanca seed i spent an extra $18 dollars to get(i was lookin forward to that one). i got 3 freebies from dutch passion all FEM white widow, mekong high, and orange bud.
Sounds like a nice selection. Should be fun. Darn them for sendin the mixed bag around the block after you ordered a lady:bongrip:.
Hi carpy0646car

How did this grow turn out?

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