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cat has gastric intestinal cancer, please help with information


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Hi there, I've been doing a lot of research the past few days after finding out about the RSO treatment plan and its effects on cancer cells.

My wife and I have a 7lb Bengal cat that has had this horrible disease for almost 3 months now. (from discovery to current day) When we found out that what was thought to be a polyp blocking her intestinal tract was actually a tumour, we decided to go see a specialist and begin treatments with chimo. A mix of different drugs has been used for 4 weeks (pills and IV) and we have to give her a prednisone pill every night along with her twice daily laxatives (to keep that stool soft for her), along with a tiny bit of kitty gravol (the vets say the chimo might give her an upset stomach.)

So she has done 10 weeks of treatments so far (drug 1 2 3 4 week off, 1 2 3 4 week off), and we are currently on her 2nd week off. After doing all of this research I have already begun to give her some proper oil off the end of a toothpick (we're just on day 2 now, so i have a steep learning curve to tackle.)

My big question is this - how many mg of oil will i need to go for a full treatment using this method on a 7lb cat, and does anyone know what increments to go by? plus, would this be better administered orally, or by a suppository?

when she was straining to poop, you could see the tumour pretty much hanging out her bum, so it's right there. if i could keep a pill up there with out her passing it before it dissolves i will, or is it better to be in her blood stream and digestive tract?

Dosage times? i don't have a straight 9-5 job, i do shift work, so having a set schedule is going to be hard, will she have highs and lows i'll have to maintain? (did it with a diabetic cat on twice daily injections, i can do it again)

weening her off of the prednisone. is this something that needs to be done or should she have a few more pills spaced out?

I have so many questions running through my brain right now. If anyone has any answers that can help I'm all ears.

I am currently researching and buying anything Rick Simpson and plan on making more oil. my fear is running out mid treatment and she takes a turn for the worse.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Tim,

I'm in a very similar boat. My 14yr old Siamese mix also has cancer (general "lower intestinal" cancer but no tumors found yet) - he's been on the prednisone and chemo pills (Leukeran) for about 3 or 4 years now and just recently seemed to start taking a turn for the worse.

After reading extensive research indicating that cannabis oil IS an effective treatment for most other mammals with cancer including cats; I did the same thing as you and bought a little syringe of hash oil so we could start trying to treat him with it and see if it helped - first I talked to somebody at my local dispensary about how to "hypothetically" apply cannabis oil to my cat with cancer. As expected he advised me to put it inside the cat's ear (as you are supposed to administer certain medicines to cats), . . . . and he also suggested that if there were an actual tumor, that I rub the oil directly onto the tumor, and it may have a more localized pain-relieving effect. I bought a cannabis lotion product as well but the dosage / mg amount wasn't clear so I couldn't use it on him.

Apparently one of the hardest parts is figuring out the right dosage. We started off with such a tiny little amount (like the end of a toothpick as you said) that i doubted it would affect him, and it didn't seem to. Everybody says; start small, and just keep working the dosage up very very slowly until you notice that it might be affecting your cat.

Personal experience: I've been administering such tiny doses to my guy, and only every few days, that I'm not sure if I've reached a therapeutic or effective dose yet. Still rubbing it on the inner ear - there were 2 instances where it seemed that he became very lethargic about an hour afterwards, and had a nice 3 or 4 hour nap, which is obviously not uncommon for a cat, but I did attribute it to the hash oil those times. . . . . . he just seemed a little sedated. Apparently cats don't really enjoy the feeling of being "high" on cannabis so the goal is to give them just enough for it to be therapeutic but not really affect them psychoactively too much. Save the catnip for when they need a buzz.

As for your prednisone, I would highly caution against changing your cat's prednisone regimen without first talking to your vet / oncologist. Oddly enough I'm in the same boat here too, we feel like he may not need all this prednisone they're giving him, but we are going to talk to the vet before making any changes. I would advise against talking to the vet about our 'alternative' treatment as most veterinarians still are not open to alternative treatments like this for animals.

You asked if it would be better to put a suppository in by the tumor or to apply it elsewhere so it gets in her bloodstream / digestive tract - i am no doctor but i would think the latter would be a much safer / more effective option. if the tumor were accessible and not inside her rectum, it may be good to try and rub oil directly on it, but it sounds like that might be a bit traumatic for your cat.

As for exact dosage amounts - I just did a bit of math and figured it like this: I weigh a little under 200lbs. My cat weighs a little under 20lbs. With no tolerance, about 10mg of THC is a nice low medicinal dose for me that doesn't really affect me psychoatively, so it would stand to reason that 1mg would be somewhere in the range of what my cat might need. Now the problem becomes: how do you know what percentage THC your hash / oil is? and then once you figure that out, how do you measure out approximately 1mg of THC? I haven't found a systematic method for this yet. At the moment, I'm putting small 'dots' of oil on my fingernail and applying them to his ear. each time, i make the dot of oil just ever so slightly larger. But there's no exact measurement system when you don't know the THC quantity of the concentrate you're using, so as I have read pretty much everywhere, all you can do is start small, and keep raising the dosage slowly until you notice a change.

I have thought about putting the drop of oil in a pill pocket or treat, so it goes into his digestive tract and bloodstream, because I'm not convinced the oil is being absorbed into his ear. The oil is thick and gooey and cats ears have a lot of cartilage - they could be poorly absorbing the oil. So that is the next experiment - putting it in an edible treat for him.

Sorry if that doesn't definitively answer some of your questions, just figured i'd offer my own experience since i'm in the same boat.

I do have one question for you though: what is the name of the laxative you give your cat and is it prescription only? Ours is having a lot of pain with bowel movements and our vet has yet to prescribe any laxative, I think he might need one.

hope this helps in some way and good luck!


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Thanks for all the info there! I've continued with another 2 toothpick dabs last night and this morning, and so far so good. She's napped, she's played, she's been a cat. But this morning, wow, i got visual conformation of her burying a larger piece of treasure than normal, and she missed her laxatives last night too. So i'm not getting my hopes up, but things might already be working.

I'm going to try to get a fresh syringe with a measuring chart on the side (ours is rubbed off cause of the usage from the lax over the months), and then try to give her regulated doses. She's actually quite receptive to having a toothpick spun under her gums in the side of her mouth.

As for the lax we use, its just called ClearLax. I get it off the shelf at shopper drug mart (i'm in Canada) and its totally made for humans and is safe for pets. It's odourless, tasteless, and dissolves in water.

I usually fill the 3ml syringe up with 2.75mls roughly, and give her a 1.25mg scoop of powder. put the powder in a glass dish (i use one for dip), and then add the water to it. I usually agitate it for a second and then put it down on the counter, but raised up with the syringe underneath one side, just so its al pooled on the other. walk away for a minute and it'll be dissolved when you come back. i've even dosed her with chunks still dissolving. suck that water back up in the syringe and it should fill it with the combined volume, if not, i just run cold water and suck some more up.

I don't know how your cat is with being forced liquids, but my cat is crazy how she drinks anyways, bathtub only, corner tripod, head cocked to the side under the tap filling her cheeks up... cats will be cats.... so i just keep drizzling the water out from the syringe into the side of her mouth and she laps it up.



I'm using a product called cann-pet. My dog Sadie had a cancer tumor removed from her colon and I was wondering the same thing.
After looking on line, I found this product out of Washington. It is made from industrial hemp by veterinarians in Seattle. Sadie has been taking their cbd capsules for 6 months. So far, no blood in her stool.
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