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Cat Piss Head Bud


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i sure hope it doesn't taste like it sounds,,, nice looking tho,, have you smoked any yet? hows the high? hows it taste?


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then why the name?? cat piss head bud,,,, if i was smoking that,, i might just taste it because of the power of suggestion,,,


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it a Kiila strain .... trust me and i'm kinda sure its a colorado strain,NOT sure thow
We had some nice purple cats piss here in Cali during the summer.
It was a nice high i'd say.

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I have never been liked for my niceness here @ 420 and I sure in the f**k am not going to start
trying now... :yummy:

The name turns people off bro, The bud is really nice looking and I bet it's some kick ass cannabis but with a name like Cat Piss I aint smoking any of it and aint even going to try it. next time you have a nice plant call it doggy shit Colorado styli... :high-five:
Then people will WOW that looks sweet nice job... :goodluck:

MV... :popcorn:


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Ill drop what little bit I know. Catpiss is a real strain I know its SSH but not sure on its partner I wanna say northeren lights, the strain orinated in oakland around 93 however supposedly in like 06 the tobacco virus wiped it out ive heard you can find some but its very rare and clone only, I actually supposedly have some myself and am waiting to flower to be able to really tell. If you really got it brother congrats to you and hang onto it I sure am. Should be a lime green with orange cantelope colored hairs and reak of catpiss even after flower, plant is a sativa with tendencies to be more tall and skinny.
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