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Category B - Ontario Canada - my doc says yes - what now?


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Hi folks,

I am in Ontario Canada and hoping to get my MMAR license. I had testicular cancer last year, and now I am suffering from what counselors are calling post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. It was a rough go and I am having trouble coping. I had never even tried weed. Some friends turned me on to MMJ and it freed me from lack of sleep, anxiety and panic attacks.

I no longer have cancer, and I am not undergoing any treatment other than monitoring (catscans, blood and x-rays). This means I am not category A, but category B. My doctor supports me using MMJ but the forms insist that another specialist not a GP must be consulted in order to get his/her compliance also. He has no one in mind to send me to and it's near impossible to get a psych appointment here - i go to toronto for my cancer care - where they are not supportive.

Can anyone advise me on what steps to take next? I'd appreciate comments, questions, and even tomatoes - throw em! I can take it! :)


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What the aplication says is if you need to have seen a specialist. I am in London Ont. as well, when i was a child i was stabbed in the eye with a steak knife when i was 6 yrs old. i have been blind in that eye since age 7,since the eye no longer functions ,its considered dead. The pressure in the blind eye has a record if increasing so i went to an eye specialist whom said (if you have a horse standing on your foot,you dont treat the pain ,you move the horse) so said he won't sighn the MMAR but he would REMOVE IT . All i had to say was that i was not willing to have my eye taken out and that qualified me to have my family doctor sighn the MMAR aplication. All you need is to see any specialist and tell your family DR. the treatment the specialist is recomending is not the way you are willing to be treated. That should qualify you to have your family DR sighn. GOOD LUCK!
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