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Cats and marijuana affects

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I've had a cat I found in a snow storm for several years. I smoke marijuana in my house and my car is an inside cat. She's always enjoyed laying under my HPS lights and digging in my plants occasionally, but I've always wondered if the 2nd hand marijuana smoke affects her or not. Does it? She's healthy and I don't intend to expose it to her, but at the same time when I light up she's right there on the couch next to me or in my lap. Something she doesn't do when I smoke tobacco.....

Can her licking my buds in bloom or her being next to me when I'm smoking marijuana get her high? Do cats have the came receptors?
im not sure your situation but i believe if you are smoking(combustion) that the carcinogens(if there is any) will be passed through the second hand smoke as far as i know similar to cigarette smoke.
my one dog enjoys it as he is 15 years old and im sure has arthritis . one cat i have enjoys a toke or 2 here and there but the other one hates it with a passion.

Generally just watch your pets reaction and if it likes it it will ask for more.
My dog will get right up in my face when he sees me inhale vapor from my balloons when he wants some. He will also bark and claw at me to get my attention if i dont notice him asking.He also goes from walking slowly and fatigued to very energetic playful , jumping around similar to a rabbit's "binky". He did not like smoke(bong) and still does not like it.
The cat who likes it sometimes will just lay on my lap watching tv and face me while im vaping and take blasts right to the face then just sit there eyes 7/8 closed for as long as i let her lol!
The cat who hates it will go into another room when i vape .

Just listen/watch your animals they will let you know if they like it and want some.

also i would not let your cat lick your buds as its quite possible you are losing valuable trichomes with each lick.

sorry to ramble on

I am not a doctor or a vet but thats just my opinion :p
cheers to you and you cat mate!