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Caution with dogs

I also remember watching my friend's miniature beagle rocking back and forth, unable to sit in one place. It was like here cerebellum was out of whack. I look at her, she's got the saddest fucking look on her little adorable face and I'm like what's wrong and then I see my friend's empty gram container of hash and I'm like oh fuck. She was one sleepy puppers. Can't remember if she threw up but I do remember her doing a lot of sleeping on the couch. My friend kept checking on her and she seemed fine, just super baked. In the end, she ended up being just fine from what we could tell but I think it goes without saying: be careful where you place your meds and certainly don't leave them laying around where a dog could snatch them and gobble them up.


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We give our Chihuahua 2mg of CBD everyday.
If theres a thunderstorm or fireworks then we give her 4mg.

We started giving it to her when she was bitten by a copperhead.
She was in severe pain from the bite and her belly got a giant sack of fluid that bulged out. She couldn't stand up without yelping.
I drove to nearest place to get CBD and gave her 4mg, within 20 to 30 minutes she jumped off the couch and walked to the door asking to go out to pee.
We were sold on it after that.
I was approached a a few years ago now, by a family member, concerning their dog and the seizure meds their vet was giving him.
Phenobarbital had worked wonders for the wee taco bell dog, for 5-6 years, until recently, the dog started to seize with the meds, so vet tells my friend, "hey man, we are at the upper limit of the PB, and I can only increase the dose, however it will become toxic to his small body, so either the PB or a seizure gets him, but his days are numbered."

My friend wants to know about CBD's and his dog, and ask the vet about them. Vet tells him that would be a good idea, but prepare yourself if they do not.
So my friend gets some from on line. He tried a few drops, as the dog was seizing under his meds, but saw him show some signs of relief....maybe.
I told him it would be a subtle reaction. So I set about reading anything I can get my hands on, and come to realize, sometimes hermie plants can pump out a lot a of CBD's as they are changing, BUT they also have THC forming.

I used 1 cup polyglycol and vegetable glycerine, with 7 grams of the hermie plant, in a pint mason jar, in a crock pot, with timer, and set it to ON 4 hours, off 2, set a phone alert, so I can go shake the jar wild and crazy like for a few minutes, and restart, for 7 days.
Once I removed the jar, I tried a tablespoon of the mixture, and felt nothing. I contacted my friend, told him and his wife exactly what I did, and they were very happy to try something, but knew it could be nothing but a waste of time.

They started to give him 2 drops, 3 times a day, with his Phenobarbital now he was seizing 5+ times a day or more, so ANY relief was a blessing.
By day 3, no seizures, but tremors still could be seen. I got a call on day 7, telling me they just got back from vet, and vet was blown away with his demeanor!
We started to reduce the Phenobarbital after the second week, and started to give him 4-5 drops 3 times a day, and reduced the Phenobarbital by 1/4 dose.
2nd week, reduced by 1/2 a dose.
3rd week all drops no Phenobarbital!!
Then we just watched and waited until we remade the drops a second time. Exactly as first time, and he did not miss a beat.

We are now starting the 4th year, he had no Phenobarbital only the drops. The funny thing is, CBD ALONE will not stop the tremors or seizures.
When I ran out of the hermie plant I had in my freezer for years, we tried just some buds the guy could get, 4 grams of bud will make 2 cups of extracts.

Now for the SIDE EFFECTS:
There were 2 very distinct changes took place.
1st one, food bowl aggression, he had a terrible food bowl aggression, so bad if the kids went into the kitchen when food was in the bowl, he would snarl and snap, as he stood by the bowl.
Well that went by by in the 3-4th week of the drops!!

2nd, he HATED being around kids. If they came into a room he was sleeping in, he'd snarl and jump down and scurry away very unhappy. By the end of the first month, he was laying with the kids, he would even sleep with them!!
So NO I do not want to ever dose up any creature with weed, unless they have a medical issue. Then tiny amounts, with less THC and more CBD.


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Hi all,

I have a question. My love, Molly, an English setter x border collie has cancer of the maladies. Breast cancer. It just struck me, after making an appointment with the vet on the 28th for Molly to go and sleep with the Angel's, that I havent tried to cure her with weed yet.

Can ANYONE direct me to a good, reputable site that will guide me how much to dose for her size?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Hello Magnus,
So sorry to read of your dogs plight.
One of the horrible effects from many years of the false demonization of cannabis by all the world's governments has left a giant hole of real knowledge how cannabis can help us, and our four legged friends also.
When I was approached for help, I set out and for days searched, every place for any scrap of knowledge I could find.
I found a dog breeder feeding his dogs whole plant cannabis in their food for a intestinal parasite, that his given breed suffers from and can be fatal, with decent results.
There is so little I could find, and honestly, in our case, time was going to win, and the owner, was reading what I could find, so he took the lead and said to make it, and lets try.
For this wee chuchuhuahua dog, we found 7 grams of cannabis to a cup of polyglycol and vegetable glycerine mix, would keep him from seizures, without the PhenoBarbital.
We also are having fantastic results from a lady with MS with the same extractors PG/VG but with more cannabis.
There is so much relief to offer those suffering that may fall outside the realm of modern petroleum based compounded medicines, however the stigma created by despicable characters from our past, is hard to shake off.
Best to ya!!