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Ants are a very HUGE problem in my region. I have read that using cayenne pepper is a good natural solution to the problem but will the pepper cause damage to my girls if I spray it on them as well as put it in with my potting mix. Growing outdoors in 15 gallon nursery pots.


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Hey bud, are your plants outdoors? Well anywho hope this helps.

Cinnamon is both repugnant and fatal to ants. As you sprinkle it or water it into the soil you will see the ants scurrying out of their nests. Ants are also susceptible to pyrethrum drenches and other biological insecticides. With a spoon, sprinkle ground cinnamon, which can be purchased at any herb shop or grocery store, on the top of the planting medium. Then make a drench using two rounded tablespoons of ground cinnamon per gallon of hot water. Let the water cool to room temperature then add a liquid pyrethrum insecticide into the solution as directed. A surfactant such as Coco-Wet will make the solution more effective. Use the solution as a drench.

Beneficial nematodes should be added to the medium. These microscopic creatures attack various insects including ants.

To keep the ants out, the perimeter should be lined with an inch wide barrier of dry boric acid. This powder is not a harsh chemical but is lethal to ants should they try to pass through. Cinnamon powder in the garden area, under tables and in out-of-the-way areas keeps the ants away as well.

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