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CBD Auto Charlotte‘s Angel, Dutch Passion


Starting a thread for a single plant grow.
Day three seedling appears!
Light : 800W COB LED
Soil : Light coco mix in the form of rehydration block :

80/80/160cm grow tent ⛺
Root !t First Feed
Not Feeding with yet, but plan for :
Biobizz Nutrition Grow/Bloom mix
Canna rhizotonic
Mycorr Max
Cal/Mag if and when needed.


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Yeah she’s from feminized seed, I have a couple of other clones I’m not sure I’m keeping in there yet, but training an auto like this sounds risky, the Charlottes Angel is very fast and small so how do you get the veg time to spread her out that much?
I was thinking a topping and maybe a few splits will be as much as it’ll handle before it’s pushing out bud.
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