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CBD Extract Oil for Thyroid issues?


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Hi, y'all....

Hoping someone can help. I work in a job that tests (and, frankly, don't like smoking - haven't in 20 years), so, I need something that is THC free and isn't going to get me lit. I'll stick to whiskey for that.

I'm really interested in trying CBD Oil for my health issues. I have PCOS, Endometriosis and, most importantly, I think, for CBD Oil is hypothyroidism.

Can anyone tell me:

1) Who I can contact to get a legal, full strength, pure extract?
2) What strands might be best for this? (IE - promote metabolism or, at least, NOT cause hunger - already an issue with hypothyroidism and PCOS!) Or, what strands might be best to avoid?



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I've been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am very interested to try CBD oil but I need more info.
-Potency? Most legal bottles are only 4%
-Consume with food or without?
---Any info would be appreciated.
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