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CBD Oil & Blood Thinners


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I have an issue I'm trying to find a work-around for for my mother. She has a tremor which has been worsening over then last decade or so. She doesn't have Parkinson's nor has been diagnosed with any other disorder, but when she's trying to make very controlled movements (i.e. eating, writing) it gets especially worse. She's also very affected by stressful situations .. situations most wouldn't find very stressful. And when she gets stressed, the tremor gets worse as well. Her quality of living is diminishing. So we got talking and thought about giving CBD oil a try.

Since CBD oil and concentrates are available nationwide legally, we got her some, then her doctor said that it can't be used alongside her blood thinner medication, because it can cause strokes, etc. I did some research and read that CBD can replace blood thinners (which would be an added bonus to get her off of one of her pill medications), but it has to be a CBD/THC combination. Is this true? My mom doesn't want to get high.

Is there a way she can try CBD oil and still get the effects of blood thinners (through CBD and/or medication) without taking THC?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information!

Shaun C.

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It's a 2015 thread and he only had one post. It isn't likely that he found what he was looking for.

It's a pity. I have been looking for the same info. My mom's a diabetic with RA on warfarin.


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I smoked weed and took CBD when I was on plavix for a year. I didn't have any issues. My cardiologist was aware, and didn't say there was an issue.


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Ok my wife takes Coumadin. When we started using high CBD cannabis we talked about it with her doctors. Did an INR weekly. For her it had no effect other than she no longer has to take pain meds, sleeping pills and antidepressants. Her doctors all are in a practice that do not allow them to even talk to patients about it and knew very little. She still takes the Coumadin but nothing else. Her doctors are amazed.
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