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Hi all,

long time lurker, but recent joiner.
I have been reading lots about CCO and Psycro's olive oil method.
I have never made cco as I cannot get hold of enough food grade ethanol, so unfortunately cannot make lots.

I have a small 500ml bottle and want to try making some, and had a few questions for you.
I have done the quick wash, and heated much of it off in a rice cooker, got to a small amount left(still bubbles) and now moving to the decarboxylation stage.

my question is, can i put this in non sealed mason jar inside my pressure cooker which is filled with a few inches of water (works at 15psi) so will heat to 250f and leave there for two hours to decarboxylate? is it dangerous to do as there will still be solvent in the cco (in mason jar) I am making? or is this okay to do or should i continue to heat on my induction plate in a small pan to when the bubbles are no longer there (and decarb is done?)

In addition, I have more material i would like to infuse into olive oil as per psycro's olive oil method, however this is already dried material, can i put this into a sealed mason jar with the olive oil, and put into pressure cooker which has few inches of water in, and let it sit for 2 hours? - this should decarboxylate and be the same as his method?

finally after reading sue's method on olive oil infused fresh material, i then looked at the pressure cooker method for it..

The thread above got me thinking, so i found as much info as i could, and guess what.. PRESSURE friggin' COOKER!!!

Hooked up a pressure gauge to my old pressure cooker and found it to be the low pressure type.. with low heat 4.5psi.. which translates to about 106-107 degrees Celsius.

Filled it up a quarter way with water, threw in the grass, used the immersion blender to grind it all up. Put the olive oil in, brought it to a boil and blended it all some more. Closed it up, and left it for just under 2 hours.. end result:

- not neeeaarly as much smell as usual.
- from one liter of oil got back just under 0.9L ( as opposed to 8.5).
- the two points above indicate on very important thing, MUCH less evaporation loss = more complete oil.
- color of the oil in the end is much more 'normal', a nice green color, as opposed to the dark color i get with the original method.
- potency, well its at least as potent as before, no problem there. Used a new strain so its a bit new to me and different, but yeah, potency is definitely there.

All in all, pressure cooker for me from now on.

One great thing about this method is the possibility to make a more concentrated oil.. but i wouldn't recommend over 3 times the strength.. for eg. 400 grams fresh material to 0.3L olive oil. Any more than that gets tricky to dose for low tolerance patients.

the bit in bold from the above will this oil that comes out be free of water, as it will all have evaporated?

thanks for all the help!!


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Hello nira. :welcome:

It is best to keep your questions within one of the original threads, that way a lot of the threads participants will see them. I suggest you repost, this time at the end of this thread: SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall

I'm uneasy about your idea of pressure cooking a sealed glass jar. If it doesn't burst when pressure goes up, maybe it will when pressure later drops. It would be disappointing to lose your valuable product.

All the best! :goodluck: :1:
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