CC's Fall Grow - Hydro - Hempy - HIDs - Pineapple Chunk - THC Bomb

Groovy!! :rofl::rofl:

Nice Harvest! :hippy:

Hey Les, when you gonna let me win a nug of the month?
You're buds never fail to impress. You see that Tut of mine? I messed up because 420 girl had to edit my photos cause I showed her before curing. But, man she was awesome. Those purps of yours like hypnotise me. Lol.
Congrats Cajun...
Thanks Cronic & Reg.
After I harvest the PC, I'm retiring. I'll stay on to follow some true friends & help new growers.

I'll some up some things I've learned you dont find in books & more important learning experiences on the way.

Time to quit having my wife freak when there's a knock.

I'll finish out my winter grow as well. Should be another 3 weeks or so.
I hear you Cajun. A happy better half is a happy life.
its good you wanna relieve some stress on the other half
that isn't small stress but glad youll be hanging out here Cajun
Yeah, she's all about this &encourages me, but won't even leave the house when the flowering tent is cranking. She puts the couch in front of the door at night.
Gotta give her a rest.
I'll drop in though, still need to post my Cajun's lessons to growing. Lol.
Ok, busted out the microscope & we have more amber trichs. She's the star of the show, the Pineapple Chunk (Indo), so I want some lo upckage of the couch action.
So she's coming down this weekend. That will be the end of this grow. I'll post the last harvest pics & current pics of the other "Winter Grow" that are flowering in the tent w/ this one. That'll wrap it up.

Cajun's Grow Tips will not be addressing basic fundamentals. I'll be posting stuff I've never seen on here a lot anyway.

For example, you have a 4x4 grow space with 4 plants in mid-flower. Should your fan tube cooled HID light be as close as possible, like where there's no heat on your hand? NO! High as possible up in the tent. I'll tell you why later.
Last Entry-End of grow
Wish I had better pics, but here's the last of this grow.
The Pineapple Chunk.
Great smell. Really is like pineapples. Sneak a tokes were strong smoke. Body stoned, Whew.
Biggest/most bud weight too. Dry weight is 9 oz. Not bad.
Oh, showed one of my hempy clones. A Blue Cheese. Really nice.

This ends this grow. I'll post Lessons Learned later.

Congrats CC...

T-minus 18 mins until Showtime
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