CC's Fall Grow - Hydro - Hempy - HIDs - Pineapple Chunk - THC Bomb

Oh no! :thedoubletake:

Hope you get those little buggers sorted asap. Your plants are just too pretty to have mites. :straightface:

I get paranoid about my dog going outside and bringing bugs into my grow.

Will you use neem or SNS or something else?

I don't blame you, it might have been the dog. Lol.
I have some Krypto Mite I won on an online grow show. Hope it works. If not, I used Neem oil & mint soap in the old days. It used to work pretty well but you have to stay after it.
Man, this sucks.
THE REPS ARE RIGHT Will Start AT 6:00 pm EST... Approximately 1hr & 40mins from this post
Any luck with those mites CC?
This Krypto Mite says repeat again in 3 & 5 days. The infestation has slowed, but under my microscope, I still see lots of critters.
I have turned off the carbon filter, soaked everything in this stuff, & raised the RH to 75% with temps down to 65f.
If this doesnt work, it may be no pest strip time.
The clones are in pretty bad shape & the 4 big girls have it moderately bad. No signs in the veg tent.
Fingers crossed.
I'll do a little wishful dreaming for you tonight. See if I can catch some of those little B_ST_RDS with my girl's dream catcher.
Man, this sucks. Think I'm getting on top of them. Need last cycle of eggs to hatch, kill them & I might be good. Gonna spray them down with cold water in the showe now to get rid of the lil fluxers.
Happy New Year
So, I think I made headway in the war against the spider mites. The AK clones have 2 to 3 weeks left & were the most damaged. I lost the smallest clone.
The 4 big girls have a lil fan leaf damage, but are plugging away. I looked at a leaf under the microscope & there are still a few living. Hopefully I've broken their cycle. The Pineapple Chunk, Tut & Blue Cheese are only 1/2 way thru.
So, after the spidermite war, I'm recovering from surgery & the freakin' flu.
I lost 2 clones due to the mites, but all others survived & are well.
Only a few weeks left!



Pineapple Chunk



Blue Cheese

The PC & Blue Cheese are smelling awesome. Really different then what I'm used to. Kinda mango, orangey.
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