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Celebrating Jack Herer's Life with His Family @ 4:20pm on 4-15-2011


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I am truly grateful and honored to have been invited to spend the day at Jack Herer's grave site with his family. We spent the day telling stories and remembering his life. At exactly 4:20pm, we lit up the Skywalker OG and gave blessings to our friend, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and hero, Jack Herer. It was a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

Jack's grave-site marker, official headstone still in development. Joint and Nug of Skywalker OG.

Special gratitude rocks placed on Jack's gravestone by all of us. Joint and Nug of Skywalker OG.

From left to right, Dana and Dan Herer, Barry Herer, BJ Herer, Hannah Herer and JJ Greenfield.

Rob Griffin
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Long live Jack Herer. As Jack wrote in my Emperor book- Hemp forever ... ever ... ever! Jack was an amazing soul that touched so many lives and taught us all.
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