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Even the reform movement itself is divided. I've noticed over the years
that certain arguements, issues and cause's are ignored by the established
members of the movement. Certain grassroots, issues and activists are
shunned by the "funded" reformers. The suit and tie types appear to
be ashamed or embaressed that we dare to express our support with this
issue that they have attempted to steal as thiers only. They call it a
"positive media" spin, I call it sucking ass. Have you ever noticed how the
"MEDICAL MARIJUANA " people distance themselves from the "LEGALIZERS". (I'm

Here's a recent example of CENSORSHIP within our movement. The below story,
was printed in a local New Jersey paper. I've sent it to numerous reformers
across the country hoping they could just posted it on thier sites in the
hopes of getting a little more attention to this protest (AT A NATIONAL
MONUMENT OF FREEDOM). None have posted it, even MAP - "Richard". What's up
with that? Several radio stations in this area have talked about it and
state officials are pissed at me. I actually fear because of this article
there is going to be a push by state officials to have me in jail on the
6th of December instead of at the Liberty Bell. "I got a letter yesterday
calling for me to report to the Camden County Sheriff's department".

Why is this article not good enough for MAP? I even made a point to tout
the US Marijuana Party!

From: "ED FORCHION - U.S. DISSIDENT" <njweedman@yahoo.com>
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