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Ed, instead of jumping to conclusions, why could you not just ask?

I have several tools to check to see if any editor at MAP has received any
item, and for whatever reason has failed to post it. It happens sometimes.
The volunteer editors, unpaid, spend an average of something well over an
hour each day (and most have jobs and families) handling the current
average of 76 items sent to MAP per day. Today there are six editors on
duty. Yes, sometimes they make mistakes, thinking an item is a duplicate,
or has already been posted.

But in this case, Ed, none of the tools are showing that the item processed
thru editor@mapinc.org to any editor. Since there is no record or log of
it, something else must have happened to it on the way.

But now that I know about the problem, it will be fixed, Ed.

No, I have not noticed that medical marijuana folks distance themselves
from us legalizers. At least none that I know, and I have had the pleasure
of working with many, providing on the road support for Journey for Justice
wheelchair treks, for example. Just because they are passionate about the
issue that is important, often critical, to their health does not mean that
they do not support legalization!

I know you must not be talking about MAP, Ed, when you talk about "funded"
organizations. MAP's strength has always been in it's unpaid volunteers. We
scramble to find enough funds to keep our several servers and many hosted
websites up and running.

Ed, I spend most of my waking hours, every day, in front of this damn
computer trying to do my best to insure that everything is working right,
that the many little problems that the editors have because newshawks don't
follow the newshawking instructions are taken care of, etc. etc. Seeing
about 400 emails come thru on the average day.

Thus I really could get pissed seeing a message like yours. But I try to
understand and accept your passion for what you do, too, Ed.

So, please, Ed, a little compassion for folks who struggle to do their
best, just as you do, would be nice.

From: Richard Lake <rlake@mapinc.org>