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Centralia Planning Commission Recommends Extending Medical Marijuana Moratorium

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The Centralia Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the city council extend a medical marijuana moratorium for collective gardens another six months during an open public hearing on Thursday night.

The planning commission held the hearing to discuss a proposed zoning ordinance for medical marijuana collective gardens, which included allowing three locations in Northwest Centralia to have collective gardens.

The proposed ordinance included development requirements for collective gardens, such as the directives that no more than one collective garden be located on a single lot and that no collective garden should be within 1,000 feet of a public park, community center, school, day care center or church.

No one spoke during the public comment period. The planning commission agreed not to take action on the proposed zoning ordinance and instead recommended the moratorium extension.

Since the city council originally passed the six-month moratorium on Aug. 23, 2011, state and federal laws have continued to disagree about the legality of medical marijuana, leaving the city with limited direction on the matter.

The city council most recently extended the moratorium on July 24 last year.


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