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CFAMM's Petition To Ask The Government To Stop Taxing Our Medications


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CFAMM (Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana) are asking people to let the government know taxing medical cannabis is wrong. Join the #DontTaxMedicine campaign and make your voice heard TODAY.

On November 10th, the Department of Finance announced a proposal to apply excise tax to both non-medical and medical cannabis. With a lack of insurance coverage and GST/HST already applied to medical cannabis, this proposal will lead to further affordability challenges for patients using cannabis for medical purposes. Medical cannabis must be treated as other prescribed medicines and accordingly be exempt from ALL taxes.

Take action now:

Tell the government: #DontTaxMedicine | Eliminate All Tax on Medical Cannabis
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Ian Bastage

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Done. I saw it a couple of days ago & procrastinated. Now I sent it off.

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