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CFL and low level of red and orange light


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someone said One reason why CFLs sometimes look bad is because unlike incandescent lamps CFLs can't produce all of the colors in the light spectrum evenly. If you look at sunlight or an ordinary light bulb through a prism, you will get a perfect rainbow. If you look at a florescent lamp though a prism you will only see various bands of Red,Orange,Green, Cyan, and Purple light. It is a limitation of the technology. If you look at a GE reveal CFL light bulb through a prism instead of narrow green and cyan colored bands of light, there is a wide band of green light that fades to cyan. The human eye is most sensitive to green light so a more accurate production of green light produces more accurate colors. The enhanced green spectrum is what makes this lamp unique.

im wondering if this is true and if so how much red and orange light do you get from a cfl bulb at 2700k?
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