CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - First Grow

OH baby oh baby.. and the yumminess has begun...

oh i like to see this.. my first bud porn.. or the beginnings of.. so yesterday i gave her a good drink.. she was wilty as shit when the lights went off, but when they came on this morning, it was like BAM!!! so much new growth.. lol so she obviously liked the drink and thanked me by started producing all kinds of smell.. one of my room mates, who doesn't know what i was doing, does now.. lol no biggie..


so theres the canopy.. not even at all. i'm gonna get her stretch till tomorrow, then re situate everything.. i think it's def time for the bloom nutes.. i will pick that up some tiger bloom this weekend.. i bet she's gonna be lite come tuesday or wed.. i'm also gonna get some molasses.. this is an interesting additive.. i personally love molasses so i hope ma lady does too.. i have as well read all the post of how people say it helps with resin production and tricome production is helped.. so lets hope so!!!

anyways nothing else to really report..
Im in a position to test that ...both my clones have taken root..same mom..runnin for start on my big girl...PG..I got a little soft core bud porn goin..:thumb:
Hey PG, look into DIY CO2 generator, you are gonna love it. Grats on the female bro.

yeah i saw this.. should i do this now.. like is CO2 a something i can always be giving her? i thought it was something primarily done in veg not flower..

Hopefully your roommate is a Cannabis friendly individual...

haha antics.. yes she sorta is.. she's the newest of the people living here, so i just didn't bother telling her.. but now when you walk near my bedroom it's, well very obvious.. lol no big deal. every now and again we can get her to smoke.. but i kinda wrecked her one night with some super strong shatter.. soo she's strayed away.. lol whoops... but the other 2 are smokers.. it's no worries all along tho.. 2 are moving out in around 2 months.. and i'll have spare bedroom.. hmmmm any ideas what i can fill that with guys? hahahahaha

SOoo no on to the update:

Yesterday was the first day off i've had in 19 days.. so i veggged out myself and did nothing.. i'll also admit i sleep for 16 hours.. so the cab wasn't cracked once, i didn't look at her.. she just did her thing.. then this morning i awoke to probably 2.5 inches of stretch.. WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FRROM?? lolol.. i know you said she was gonna double in size, but dayyyyum... i love it..

other then that, no news other then some little sugar ants where around the clones.. only like 15.. i removed the clones and they went on the back porch. is this gonna screw up the flowering.. cause the light they get is natural not CFL for like a day..?

also for the ants i bleached the surface the were found and then used black pepper as a guard from the inside of the cab.

Shelly is looking and smelling ammmmmmazing.. also she is probably 2/3 lighter which shocks the shit outta me, cause i fed her only 3 days ago.. sooo i'm going to monitor the watering alittle more cause it appears she is getting thirstier...

other then that, nothing else is going on.


because she's growing so much, and the lights are uneven, so is my canopy now. so i turned her..



yummy.. she suuure is pretty if you ask me.. i've got now pistols on every branch. lots of new growth from all the nodes and armpits if you will.. she's getting super bushy.. here's the current stats:

August 3.2014
74 days since germination
43 days under CFL's
13 days into Flower

the goal here is 56 grams dry..

I'll be purchasing the following today:
1 qt of FF Tiger Bloom
1 30X loupe
1 ona 2 qt

all essentials i do believe.. gotta love prime amazon. it's sucks tho cause i really want to use my local hyrdro store for the nutes and ona, but with free shipping in 2 days, it's 11 dollars cheaper just on those 2 items.. the loupe is only 5 bucks.. lol so i do feel bad, but the wallet has to dictate this decision.. oh well.. maybe next time...

So thats about all i got my fellow gardeners. Hope all is well and green in your world.. happy sunday fun, and only 34 more days till football.

You need a filter. If you smell it that strong now, it'll probably be worse in full flower.

Light is light. Sunlight, if direct will be BETTER than CFLs, and shouldn't have any negative effect on flowering.

The canopy and the LST aren't bad at all. It's hard keeping them perfectly level. Especially when stretch kicks in. Just do what you can with LST to keep them close to even, and rotating the pots helps as well.

56 grams dry is a shitload from 1 plant on CFLs, it's difficult to do, but not impossible! Good luck hitting your goal!

Instead of the 30x, see if you can find 50x or better in a loupe or microscope. It will make your life easier.
Happpy Monday Morning..

so i had this nice post with pics all laid out.. aand then the power went out.. hahaha sooo round 2..


there's alittle concentrate love.. 3 different kinds to really make you concentrate.. :)

Now on to the reason we're here.. i got nothing to report other then she's a beaut. She did grow her self right into a CFL! i was pretty surprised about that.. lol but other then that she's stretching like crazy.. i'm at day 14 flower, so i hope she's done with this soon. I'm down to around 9 inches of play left.. so enough writing on to the goods..


this is where she's burned...

other then the random burning nothing major going on..

the tiger bloom and ona will be here in 3-5 but i went cheap on the loupe and it's coming from china.. i know i'll probably regret this decision, but at this point, something shitty is better then nothing at all right? hahaha that was my broke ass logic at least..

now i was thinking seeds for the next grow. i think i wanna try an auto.. any recommendations.. remember it's gotta be shorty mcshorterson.. i've got 35" max.. i think i wanna do a auto and a photo in the veg cab while this beautiful random bag seed finishes.. i'm gonna go with herbies seeds cause there our sponsor of course.. but again any recommendations here for the auto?

nothing else really to report.. it's gonna be an amazing day.. good luck to you all and keep it green..

so regarding the CO2.. can i use any kinda of yeast, activate it and just let it chill? cause i used to own a restaurant so i have pizza yeast for days? will that work?
Any magnification is better than nothing. As long as you can see the trichomes well enough to discern color, it's going to help you harvest right on time.

I have no auto recommendations :( Sorry, I only grew 2 auto strains so far. And I think I'm sticking with photo period plants from now on.

Unsure about the yeast, I'm curious myself. I'd love to incorporate some additional CO2 into my grow.
I have no auto recommendations :( Sorry, I only grew 2 auto strains so far. And I think I'm sticking with photo period plants from now on.

now why is that? i figure with the ease of care, cause i can blast them for 20/4 there whole life, why wouldn't this be what everyone is growing.. and with the possibilities of seed to smoke in 60 days.. am i missing something here. i really kinda feel dumb asking it like that, but i just don't understand.. can anyone help me out here..

Dude.. NEVER feel dumb for asking a question. That's what the forums are for.

Now if you DON'T ask a question, and you KNOW you should have.. but you let a plant die anyways.. just because you didn't want to look/feel dumb.. then in THAT case, you're dumb for NOT asking. ALWAYS ASK!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ever, ever feel dumb in a quest for knowledge.

Now.. this is why, at least my reasons why I plan to stick to photo period plants, opposed to autos.

1: Time. I recently grew an auto: MED GOM 1.0. Breeder claimed 60-65 days until harvest. I went 83 days, and had barely any amber trichomes. Mostly all cloudy. For someone who wanted 50/50 amber/cloudy, they'd go even longer.
My Power Flower is a photo period strain. 8-9 weeks flower time, plus whatever I want for Veg. That means about 56-63 +/- days flower time, and I Vegged for just under 6 weeks (41 days) Total time to harvest, should be approximately 104 days on that strain. 20 more days isn't too bad, but it's still longer.

That brings me to #2 Training: I can "beat the shit out of" a photo. I can defol, top, FIM, supercrop, monstercrop, lollypop, etc... as much as I want, and not worry AS MUCH about lost time, like I would for an auto. Now you CAN train autos, you can clone them, but high stress training usually involves a certain degree of stress, which can cause some slowed growth. And that can translate to lost time.

And lost time brings me to #3. Yield. Everyone wants a nice yield. Whether it's for smoking, vaping, making oil, or just to enter into our COOL MONTHLY CONTESTS! I am perfectly comfortable spending an extra 20 days in a grow, if it doubles the yields I saw with my autos.

Now granted, they were my first grow, and I was still learning a lot, and I was most likely at fault for the reduced yields (8.55 grams from one plant, 9.07 grams from another, so a little over 1/2 ounce from 2 plants). However this second grow, I am seeing multiple colas, the same size or bigger than my biggest cola on my auto. And I still have about a month to go until harvest.

If you want/need faster Cannabis, Autos are great for that. It's what I did. They're also nice for learning because you don't have to worry about lighting, and it lets you focus on the plant more. There are also some fantastic Auto strains out there, and that ensures I WILL definitely grow another Auto. But in all honesty, I feel much more comfortable growing the photo period strains. I don't have that clock ticking until it flowers. I get to start the clock. I tell the plant when it's ready, the plant doesn't tell me.

But with all things, every grower has preferences, and every grower will have different levels of success with different strains.

And if you end up choosing to only grow autos, nobody will look down on you for it. Autos still present their own challenges in growing, and they can still produce respectable yields, and high quality Cannabis.

The bottom line, is that no matter what you grow, Regulars, Fems, or Autos, grow them well!
I'm late to the party but here I is.
Looking really good man, keep it up, you got some of the smartest people in the room helping you out.

Antics: Thanks for that explanation on why you choose not to go with Autos for the time being. I was looking into that but I don't think it's for me. If I was going to do Autos I would only try it outdoors and I can't do that here. County policeman lives next door. LOL
First off welcome Tbob.. i know we started our current plants around the same time but we're doing such different things.. it's amazing what this incredible plant will do if you play with it..

i just wanted to give some more early bud porn.. i know it's only the beginning, but damn it's amazing to see what i've been smoking for all these years, and how it actually grows and matures.. truly amazing..


canopy is getting even-er... lol i'm at day 15 so i hope i'm atleast half way done.. i'm only working with about 8 more inches.. lol

tiger bloom and other goodies will be here wednesday.. i'm gonna start the bloom nutes then.. also i redid my amazon order after i saw king john's loupe. i changed to that one, it was only 10 bucks.. i figured might have to spend the few more dollars.. also, with prime from amazon, i get the whole shipment on wednesday now.. lol.. i'll also be doing a DIY ona odor bucket (got the fan and ona) and a DIY co2 maker. i love DIY's.. hahahahahaha keep it green my friends...
Yes, your first grow is always a thing of beauty. I still remember mine well. I also still marvel at how I am able to grow in my closet the things me and my friends pay WAYYYY too much money for but that's what set me on this journey. I have had my growing buddies tell me they would pay good money for what I grow, just keep progressing and you'll get there too.
While I believe that any type of yeast will work to produce C02 champagne yeast will produce C02 longer at a higher alcohol concentration.

oh really.. ok.. now for this, we are strickly doing it for CO2 output right? i didn't think alcohol concentration was a factor here. i mean i would love to produce a nice beverage, but thats certainly not my main goal. so your saying i can use the pizza or standard bread yeast i have, it just won't produce that long? i wonder how long? i was gonnna make this in a 2 liter bottle. 1 lieter of hot water for activation, and 2 packages of of yeast.. now is there any way that you can over due the CO2?
Yes any kind of yeast will work(I use bread yeast), it will smell of alcohol when it is time to change out the mixture.

Do not use hot water it will kill the yeast, let the sugar water cool to room temp + a degree or 2 before adding yeast.

One gallon milk jug works great lasts for 2 days or so at 3/4 full, 4 cups sugar 1 heaping tablespoon yeast.(not teaspoon)(3 teaspoons in a tablespoon).

I agree with Antics about the autos.

Yes I do strictly for the CO2 as I do not drink.
But if you brew, just run a hose from the CO2 out from the brew into your grow room and attach to the back of the circulating fan.

Double check me here, but I believe I read 1200 or 1500 PPM as a high.
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