CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - First Grow

I had to pull her out real quick so i took a few top shots..


Then while she was out, i used a white led to take this pic.. and i have to say it looks AMAZING!!!
Looking good PostiveGrape! She sure is pretty! Yes your plant is doing awesome for 150watts of cfl! I hope that the buds will swell for you. Did you order that LED? They sure would love some more wattage! Im going to try and get mine SOON.. I keep saying that but money is always an issue....
Looking good PostiveGrape! She sure is pretty! Yes your plant is doing awesome for 150watts of cfl! I hope that the buds will swell for you. Did you order that LED? They sure would love some more wattage! Im going to try and get mine SOON.. I keep saying that but money is always an issue....

yeah same here.. money.. monday or tuesday of next week, i'm gonna do a another slight defol, cause i can see how the light isn't penetrating deep into the middle.. so i'll do that for now, but as far as the LED, it has to wait. I'm taking a trip come next week, so i'm saving all my pennies for that.. after that tho, is a whole different story.. well it's nice to hear that for 150 watts of CFL's the girl is looking good. I always like to here the comments, whether positive or neg. with this being the first plant, i def feel like i've done well, and have gotten very lucky.. going down the home stretch now.. just another 4-6 weeks and we'll be choppin her down.. can't effin wait..
Update time..

not much to tell. been watering and feeding about every 3 days.. i go water then feed, then water, then feed. I'm up to full strength on the tiger bloom.. she loves it.. did a nice minor defol today.. some of the bottom leaves were yellowing, so they all went, and then anything that was shading a flower.. she's def done with her stretch. now she's just fattening up and producing yummy smells.. on to the pics...





so other then just growing right along.. nothing really else to report..
Keep it green..
Hello hello hello my friends... it has been to long.. i was away from home and the garden for a total of 8 days. Shelly got watered 2 times in those 8 days, both with just PH'd water. when i got home yesterday, she was looking delightful.. I'm so relieved and over joyed by the progress she has had since i left. It's incredible.. my room mate just ph'd water on sunday, and wednesday for me and it seemed to work out really well. when i popped the case yesterday when i got home, the buds are so top heavy there leaning over.. they are so filled wtih resin, if you just barely touch them your hands are stuck with a sweet orangey resin.. it's AMAZING!!! on to the pics..


using the loupe...

she really is coming along nicely.. the trics are still super clear.. i think i'm gonna start lowering the light.. here are the stats and you guys tell me what you think i should do..

107 days since germination
77 days under 150 watts CFL
47 days into flower (12/12)
no flush or change in feeding schedule.. it's been PH'd feeding, then full strength tiger bloom then back to ph'd water.

very nice to be home and back in my captains chair.. thanks again to everyone who helped me get this far.. this is truely getting to be amazing.. and just so you know, the last clone i had off this girl, is now vegging in my sun room. i'm starting a flux with her. i let her grow to node 4, and topped at node 1 so it will be a proper flux. Luckily for me on vacation, i acquired some cash, so daddy gets new LED lights for his garden.. hahahaha so those should be coming soon.. so again thank you to all.. happy saturday.. and keep it green..
Looking great!!! Also remember to check the trichomes on the buds itself and not the sugar leaves. I learned this in my last grow that the sugar leaf trichomes always ripen faster and will give you a false cloudy/amber percent. I am seeing some cloudy in those pics on some of the sugar leaves. Keep up the good work!! :thumb:
I recommended your journal to a new grower, since I am so impressed with your work.

wow lab.. thats some serious compliments.. thank you so much.. i have to say, i was sitting today, staring into the abyss of my grow cab, and i'm pretty impressed with this plant too.. i had no idea it was gonna come to to this.. i am normally a pretty bad perfectionist especially when it comes to things i'm pretty passionate about.. but this has truly came out beautifully.. i owe it all to you guys tho.. i would have a small retarded looking twig of a plant if it wasn't for the help and love from the growers on this site.. i am def very very happy with the outcome.. i might just get the 2 ounces outta this plant i'm looking for.. i bet wet i get over 100 grams.. these colas are so heavy and sticky.. i must properly dry and cure this as to not ruin it.. my newbie guess is about another 2 to 3 weeks and i should be cutting the colas, and working my way down.. again.. thank you guys for the all the help and love.. you can see how much it matters when you see my pics..
Keep it green..
Alright my friends... the time has come.. I'm about 20% amber in my trichomes.. so tomorrow i will be harvesting.. I shut the lights off at 1:00 to so then by tomorrow at 8:30 or 9 she'll be in the dark for almost 36 hours.. one last push.. This has been a truely amazing experience and thank you all for everything.. i've got my next grow still on the back porch. It will be a flux, topped on the first node under the same 150 watts of cfls or maybe a nice LED.. i'm excited, so please stay tuned.. so come tomorrow, these will be my finial stats..

Seed-Random BagSeed
Medium- FF Ocean Forest 3 gallon plastic pot
Nutes- Grow (EJ Rainbow mix Dry 1/3 strength every other water)
Bloom ( FF Tiger Bloom FULL Strength Every other water)
Lights- 150 watts CFL 2500k 2700k 5500K

120 days since germination
90 days under CFLs
----30 days at 18/6
----60 days at 12/12

Finial harvest weight and pics soon to come.. again.. thanks for everything..
I read a study where plants were given 24 hours of darkness before harvest and plants were not given a period of darkness before harvest. Both plants cannabinoids were tested and were nearly identical, the myth of giving your plants a period of darkness before harvest has been debunked.

Alright friends.. I'm sorry for the delay, but it's been a very busy weekend for me. ON friday at around 9:00 pm easterm, roughly 32 hours in the dark, i pulled her sad sad self out of the closet for harvesting. The pinnacle moment..


so i cut all the branches then removed the popcorn buds from the bottom and started to cut most of anything to manicure the buds.. It took me around 2 hours from start to finish..


The Weight--what really matters.. hahaha
COLAS - 65 Grams
Popcorn- 26 Grams
Total ---- 91 Grams wet. AMAZING take a look...


this last one you can see i put the pop corn bud in a cookie jar. and it's a nice bouquets of colas.. hahaha
now for the drying, i've just hung a string and upside down they went.

hopefully i won't lost to much weight..

this is the leftover--

huge root mass..

Also i had over 1.5 ounces in clippings that will be run for wax..

Now on to the SMOKE REPORT!!

Now, keep in mind, that this was cut, and put in my toaster oven for around 20ish min at 250 degrees.. Myself and 2 of my roomates were testing it. Between the three of us, over 40 years of smoking.

The taste:::
SURPRISING SMOOTH!!! like really strangely smooth.. The first thing i noticed was the pungent fragrance smell. IT's that really sweet, citrus, almost like new leather smell. The first time i smoked this i about died. I looked at a room mate, and said holy shit, i grew this..
Even shitty dried, one good size bowl, something that if i bought it for 50$ or 60$ an 8th same size, we enjoyed, and were very very high. the narcotic, sleepy eyed, stuck to the chair high.. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, AND IT'S NOT EVEN PROPERLY DRIED OR CURED.. OMG!! This is truly amazing..

So over all guys, this has been a truly amazing first grow.

Ending Stats

120 Germinated
90 days under 150 watts of CFL's
60 days in 12/12

Total Grams 91 wet

AMAZING.. questions comments, anything guys.. again thank you all..
Keep it green..
Expect to loose 2/3 of the weight to drying, the nugs in the jar should come out to dry on the ground would be better then in the jar. Do not have the fan blowing directly on the buds that are hanging as it will dry them out too fast.

And Lastly congratulations on great grow and thread.

P.S. for your next grow paint the back wall white if you can.
Hey guys.. just wanted to do a final smoke report.. it's amazing.. gets you stoned as hell for a good 3 or 4 hours.. i ended up recouping $300 and have 10ish grams to smoke myself.. it was a great experience.. I'm so happy with the end result. Yesterday i put the last clone i have in the closet under the 150 watts of CFL's.. gonna start another baby.. i'mma start a new journal on that one, as it's gonna be an amazing flux job.. just wait and see.. thanks again for all the help..

keep it green..
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