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CFL Grow Journal To See If It Can Be Done With CFLs


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OK I'm gonna try my luck with just CFLs.This is for the pleasure of growing guys I live in Colorado and can buy cheaper than I can grow so please dont explain the use of hps.I have many many grows from the start a lone 250hps to 8000watt grows.This grow is for fun and some growers know what iI mean when I say I just want to go back to fun veg room was always so nice and calm and cool put some music on and ahhhh.Bloom room is loud with all the fans ballasts and such and hot.Also I want grow some good giggly weed not stuck on stupid,trust me Ican grow some nuclear stuff but it just iisn't as fun Iwant some just put a smile on your face iI love life kinda feeling stuff.

OK so here's the set up and if this works you newbs can rest assured you can use CFLs yes if you want just yield go HP's,but if you want great smoke you just need love really,you can bloom a plant in a shot glass(that's how to really learn to feed)

OK a 4x4 grow tent
A 4" 175 cfm fan
12" carbon filter for odor
Speed control for quieting down fan
One small fan for air movement
I used the tent box to run ducting through really cuts down the noise
One sunsystem 2' 8bulb t5 192watt light

Using ocean forest soil
2gallon pots
Pureblend pro bloom
Sugaree(for final 4 weeks)
No fancy bloom stuff

Buddahs sister
Blue Hawaiian
Jack strawberry
Sour Maui(my fav a cut from sour d Maui cross)


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And if any one could help I would love to share pics just not much of a tech guy so need help with that but more than happy to share grow experience thanks guys


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Week 3after 12\12 so really one week in flower 6bulbs were changed to 2700k
Feed at rate of 10ml pureblend bloom 10ml of sweet

Topped once except for the sour


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Same basic technology, different shapes is basically all. I have read that CFLs can run a little cooler than some fluorescents as well.

BUT... I just saw this cool cabinet for fluorescent bulbs on here... Check out this link: http://www.420magazine.com/forums/frequently-asked-questions/228537-auto-feminized.html#post2233452

A grower was using those with T8 and T12 bulbs and apparently getting 1lb yields, so big yields are totally possible with all fluorescent type bulbs.

Just make sure you pay close attention to the plants, take good care of them, and you should have a decent yield.

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