CFl Hydro & Soil Grow Tent- First time growing


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2 Red Poison Auto Fem hydro,
2 white widow auto fem hydro,
1 og kush fem soil,
1 Cheese Fem Soil

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? all in veg
If in Veg... For how long? from 10-20 days old. varies
If in Flower stage... For how long? not yet
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? 4 hydro, 2 soil
If soil... what is in your mix? miracle grow potting soil with over/under watering protection
If soil... What size pot? 3gal.
Size of light? 2 55 watt CFL w/ reflectors at 4800 lumens/light.
Is it aircooled? two 6 in cpu fan
Temp of Room/cab? 73 degrees F
RH of Room/cab? 40% RH
PH of media or res? PH of res is about 6.1, ive read that is a little high but the nutrients i have r ph balanced to that & the plants seem to b doing fine.
Any Pests ? none.
How often are you watering? Grow & Micro Nutes
Type and strength of ferts used? Stealth Hydro Nutes that came DWC system.

I change the res once a week, maintain a constant Ph of about 6.1-6.3, i have strong healthy root systems from each plant. Lights are located about 5 inches above canopy. Buying more lights this weekend.

This si my first experience with a DWC hydro grow, only 2nd grow ever but i seem to doing alright i think. No problems thus far but any friendly advice is welcome. Thanks everybody.


Red Poison Auto Fem 20 days old, Roots lookin Lovely :)


Og Kush & Cheese in soil
Just an Update. everything still going very good. just ordered another 150 watt HPS light to add to the 2 cfl 55 watts. should be here monday. will update then. thanks guys.


seedling just starting to breach surface. redpoison auto fem

Transplanted the cheese to her own pot. had the og & cheese planted in same one but they quickly out grew it.

White Widow Auto Fem

this my baby 26 days old just starting to flower red poison auto

the og kush

two seedlings, one white widow & another red poison. followed by the entire set up.
update again when light comes in
whats going on everybody. light came in alot quicker than expected. bought a 150 watt HPS light roughly 18000 lumens. Added that to the grow room with the 2 55 watt CFLs. girls r coming along nicely. The biggest has finally started to flower and everything has really taken off since i added the new light. just wanted to post some updated pics.

really starting to bush out.

White widow is slowly but surely catching up.

new red poison auto i just popped. 5 days old here

& just a pic of my new light & setup.
comments & advice welcome. Thanks everybody
Your plants are looking fairly well mate, I have some red poison beans I'm keen on growing so ill be checking in here and there to see how yours go!
Did you get an answer on your lighting?
Only auto I grew was a pineapple express from fast buds it went the whole grow at 18/6 so I was happy with that.
I too have read that some autos need to be force flowered, with that said while they are all just beginning to flower/grow, maybe you should give 12/12 a go for a few weeks, if you have a spare space anywhere you could take your cfls out move the young/veging plants to a seperate space and the ones you want forced to flower leave in with just the hps for warm spectrum light and a reduced schedule for a couple of weeks and see what happens with them, if they then do flower properly you could move everyone back in together again under normal schedule again, I understand you may not have a second space to use if that's the case of probably try taking the cfls out for a couple of weeks aswell as lowering your light schedule and see what results you get. Just stay away from any 24/0
Just to let you know I'm not the most experienced member and like I said only had experience with one auto, so hopefully you managed to get some extra input from somewhere.

Gotta add though 7weeks of pretty much vege really makes it a photo now so you may have got a strange pheno auto, since a lot of photo plants show sex at a mature age which yours surely is so maybe start treating them abit like a photo if they wanna act like them.

Good luck anyways. :)
hey guys just a quick question, I have 4 autos under a 150 watt HPS light with 2 55watt CFL both full spectrum lighting in DWC. 2 autos are almost 7 weeks old and have shown preflowers for about 2 1/2 weeks but i have not seen any further development other than height increase. i switched to bloom nutrients 10 days ago. i have read online that since they r so old and just now starting to flower that i might need to force flower them with 12/12 light schedule because the particular pheno type might have a photoperiod characteristic..... does this make sense to any of you guys?
--- i read keep the autos on 12/12 for about 2 weeks then u can switch back to 18/6 or 20/4 when there has been noticable bud development...... then other places ive read that i should just wait it out as they could take up to 12 weeks to finish...

can anyone make any recommendations pleasee? i am getting worried

anyways here is an update everything seems to be going excellent aside from me worrying about going through all this work to end up with a huge ass plant with no buds. lol im hoping i just need to be patient and let it run its course.

this is the whole grow tent setup-150 watt HPS light 2700k, had two 55 watt cfl one 6500 k and one 2700 k but only have the one 2700 k now. & flipped the lights to 12/12 about 6 days ago, & flower nutes 10 days ago. starting to see a little progress but still not positive will know in a week or two if its gonna help or not.


This is my bad at a whoppin 91 cm or 37 inches loaded with preflowers but no bud development at the moment. - 50 days from seed


White Widow auto from Dinafem also loaded with preflowers. - 43 days from seed

These next two are also Red Poison And White widow. they are only 35 days old each

this red poison auto is a freak of nature based on what ive read on the internet. it has been growing as a triploid since seed, meaning it grows 3 sets of leaves at each node.

ive read online that this could b a bad thing , or some people have had luck where it was one of the best plants theyve ever produced so im keeping my fingers crossed. lol

Thanks for the insight guys. if anyone could back me up or offer anymore advice about any reasons my older red poison plant has not began to devlop flowers yet i would definitely appreciate it. Thanks again everybody. i wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy new year :)
All good mate
And what I've said is all the advice I can give, not a lot extra I know on autos haha

I'm from down under mate, colorful somewhere far north I think but he can prob answer tt better haha
Merry Xmas to you too bud, hope your day was a good one !
Hope all is well in your world.

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