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CFL Light Distane from Early Veg Stage Plants


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I am simultaneously using 2 CFL bulbs:

1. 325W
2. 150W

So, that adds to 475W altogether for 2 early veg stage plants in one small grow room

They are both 6500K Colour Temperature

What distance should my bulbs be from the plants? They are currently about 2-4 inches away, I can put my hand very close to the bulb and it isn't uncomfortable


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this kelvin will make a nice squat plant suitable for a 15yo growing in a pc case, balance your light 50% Warm White(2700k) and the other Cool White(6500k) for correct internodel spacing
avoid squat pots they 'pinch root' time to pot up to a 3us gallon(12-15 liter) pot
keep a pc type fan and a temp/humidity gauge in there too
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