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CFL light Fixture/Reflector/Exhaust Concept - Viable?


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So while in the process of trying to grow legally I want to design my first grow cab (most likely a refrigerator build) and build it so I'm ready to hit the ground running when I can. I have been pondering, and looking around different forums for the best light and ventilation system for the grow cab I plan on making. I found a great DIY guide from NKOTS on how to seperate a CFL bulb from it's ballast and create a external ballast box to power the lights inside the grow cab. Doing this frees up a lot of room that would otherwise take up precise space, limiting the size of your fixture and amount of bulbs you can fit in a small space.

Here is a link to his guide:

So I decided this is how I wanted to use this method for my lighting, and then I started thinking about how I wanted to build my reflector and my ventilation (mostly exhaust placement). I thought, why not put them together?

So I devised a CFL light fixture that utilizes external ballasts, with a reflective hood that always works as the exhaust, sucking up all the heat given off by the bulb.

So my question to you guys is.... Is it viable? Why or why not? Please give me some feedback. Thx.

Here are some simple designs I have sketched up.


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