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CFL light timing grow/veg etc...


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Hi Noobie here but been on site doing a ton of research. I have a grow cab approx 18" wide 26" deep by 34" tall (an old kitchen cab in added depth in the back. I have a passive 4" intake, cpu fan sucking/blowing air out back top of cab into 4" ducting with a 4" in line fan to push air outside. I am running 3 biax t5 cfls (now 2-6500k 1 2700k) and 2 23 watt 6500k cfls on a splitter to the side of my lonely palnt. I can change the biax st-up to 1-6500k and 2-2700k bulbs for veg and also change the side cfls to 2700k.

I am almost four weeks into my grow. My plant is a Short Stuff Snow Ryder auto fem plant.

My plant is approx 4" tall but very bushy. I keep the lights a few inches from the top of the plant. Planted in FOF with 25% perlite. I also have a small travel humidifier in the cab. Temps stay in the high 70's to low 80's with humidity in the 40% with lights on. Temps drop into 60's lights out

?My questions is how long should I stay heavy on the veg bulbs before I switch and go heavy on the flower bulbs?

Thanks in advance....


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Your cabinet sounds very close to mine..

4" over that amount of time seems like you're growing from seed..you can switch to flower mode, 2700K CFL's, as soon as you've got alternating internodes...or in other words, when the branches of the plant aren't opposing each other.

I'd probably go a little longer on the veg...4" seems awfully short..pics??

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