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CFL light.


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I went out to ace hardware and picked up some cfl lights to add on to my other cfl light. The original was a 40watt 2650 lum. light and the other two i just bought were a 100watt 1750 lumens lights. I was just wondering if those two I just bought were the right ones and if i should get different ones?



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get these bro

68 watt...like 300watts


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home depot. natural daylight. cfl 26 watt. 6500 kelvin.
they are $7 for 2. they have 65 watt cfl's equal to 300 watt incandescent bulbs too that are 6500 kelvin.
6500 kelvin cfl bulbs are great for vegging. bluish spectrum.
2700 kelvin cfl bulbs are good for budding/flowering red/orange/yellow spectrum.
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