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I’m so proud of this plant. My first indoor growth and im happy with the effects.

Some info.
Veg: ~6w
Flower: 7w
Medium: soil
Nutrients: 3-6-3 birds guano
Lights: cfl 250w duo + cfl 85w
Light cycle: 18/6 - 12/12
Grown from seed
Training: 2x suppercrop, FIM, LST.


Let me know what you think. Would you


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Fuck yeah mate good effort. She still got plenty to go though. 2 weeks maybe. See how shes still throwing out white hairs. Thats your first marker. Want those to all start dying back and browning.
Then if you want to get it more precise youd check the color of the trichomes under a magnifier.
I dont bother with that bit but sure someone will chime in shortly to let you know what im on about.
Can get a different buzz by chopping when the trichs are clear, cloudy or amber but im not sure whats what to be honest. I just go by the pistils.


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Yeah thanks for the tip and good word. I was thinking about that it will have, as you wrote, two weeks more but under microscope I got 80% milky and I can see amber ones popping. I want to have very clear high so I though I would wait till next weekend and no matter how the hairs are like I will chop.
Other thing is I’m afraid yellow will reach my buds )


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Its all personal preference really so no right or wrong answers with when to chop. Theres a fairly big window where its all good. No point going too early though cos they do swell and harden quite a bit the final 2 weeks.

It’s true, I will wait and see how it goes. Thanks for objective opinion I think I needed that.
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