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CFL's into a 4 way adaptor

Lord Mong

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Cheers buddy :3:

Im already using CFL at the moment...but have gone through 3 lamps already..by having them in adaptors/extensions...you know what i mean?

Maybe its the electrics in this damn old house?? I dunno? So at the moment i have one lamp per socket...to affarid to run from the same point..lol


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If you look at the adapter and extensions and such, their rated for wattage. Even the lumuniere (spelling?), which are the clamp lamps, are rated, if you use them for example, you'll have to buy the biggest one, usually has the biggest hood. Its rated for 100 - 120 watts. . . the smaller ones, can be maxed at 60 watts. . . I've seen peeps, who were not paying attention use a splitter on these 60 watt lumuniere's. . . put 2 42 watt cfl's on this and you'll have a hot sticky cord which will eventually break down. .

Your 125's seem too much for the typical splitter and such. . . but look around you might find some. I don't think you'll find a splitter that can handle 4 though. . . and if you did, I wouldn't use a lumuniere. .

Bagz :peace:
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