CGBOY's Girl Scout Cookie Cabinet - Coco Grow - 3rd Newbie Grow - 1st Journal


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Welcome Friends this is my first Journal attempt and my 3rd grow.

Thank you for checking it out !

What strain is it you ask: Girl Scout Cookies from The Cali Connection (original)

Only female seeds used
It is an Indica-Sativa Hybrid

My plan is to experiment with Veg LST and HST scrog training to increase my yeilds.
I will be in Veg until the size is right and the correct amount of tops for my scrog 15/plant are created.

Flower stage is listed at 55-63 days but I have read it can stretch up to 70
Indoor cabinet grow space is 2'x4'x4'
Hydro-Hand watered
Grow medium = rapid rooter plug - Coco/perlite 10/1
4" for seedlings then into 5 gallon pot's

The size of my lights are:
Veg light = 3-24" T5 high output sunblaster fluorescent strip's and a 200 Watt SunBlaster CFL 6400K compact fluorescent grow light
Flowering = 2 X 250W HPS

Fresh air is filtered and drawn in from bottom of cabnet
Temperatures can get real hot (86-90) on those hot summer days,(need to bring in more cool air during lights on time)
RH of Cabnet is in the 30% ballpark depending on size of plants.
I PH all my water 5.8-6.0
my only pests are my 3 kids (just kidding, the wife belongs in their aswell so only 4 pests :)
I water when needed, but ends up being every other day on average
I use a varying degree of nutrients during the grow

condenced info:

Bucket Size - 5 gallon
Medium - 25% perlite 75% CoCo.
Lights - (2) 250w HID
Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients
Strain(s) - The Cali Connection - Girl Scout Cookies
# of Plants: 3 and for the first time SCROGed
Yield : ??? cant wait to see but im after quality and decent quantity

Wish my girls Luck, I'll do my best not to neglect them.

I purchased 6 beans and have used 3 for this grow. Happy with the 100% germination of the 3 seeds !

The rapid rooter plugs I used worked great, soaked them in PH'ed water and dropped in the seeds. I lightly plugged the entrance hole to avoid light not needed to germinate the seeds. It only took 3 days. I kept them warm with a heating mat and used a covered seeding tray. Always watching temperature and humidity levels (lesson learned from drowning more seeds then I care to admit)

On Day 5-6 the tap root was pushing through the bottom of the plug. So out come the 4" pots with a perlite/coco 10%/90% mixture PH'ed to 5.8-6 because that's what I PH all my water for
So the pipe cleaners worked well as a support device while the stems strengthen enough to support the primary leaves.
and if you happened to notice...Yes I use a filing cabinet as my seedling enclosure :)

To be honest I could use a little more height so I could veg up to 12-16 inches in height, often thought about cutting the bottom out of the top drawer and incorporating 2 levels of files. I will have to just move in my flowering cabinet sooner.
Nifty little file cabinet.. That's exactly what I thought of doing until the logistics of cutting the extra space out was too much work. But that's sweet for as a propagation area.
I'll tag along for the duration, thanks for journaling your grow.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Good luck I am new have yet to start. Mainly unable to make mind up. Have decided to grow in perlite to. So I'm grabbing a seat so I can learn. Thank you for sharing. All looks good love the pipe cleaners.

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I have now fimmed my 3 girls on the 5th node. Having a small number of plants really gives you the time to care for each individual lady.

Can you see where I cut the very tippy top's off on the main stem? Lets see how many tops i get out of each plant now. I have spoken to friends who say fimming is unpredictable (number of of chutes created) We will see.
Peaked in on the girls this morning and they were way too close to the light's in my small filing cabinet. I am still upgrading my Flowering cabinet so I have LSTed my girls and bent them over 90 degrees. I was in a rush but i'll add pictures tomorrow. Im going to also cut the bottom out of a drawer so i can have another 15" of grow height. This hobby is teaching me to stay on top of things otherwise it gets out of control real quick.
Thanks to all you 420 Journal creators who take pictures and show us how easy it can be.
You'll have 4 tips at the top. The two will grow back slowly, the ones you cut... And the shoots just below will be your two main stems once they surpass the cut ones. IMO...
Looks like a clean cut with I'll effects. :goodjob:

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Edit : technically it should have been cut close to cm lower where the mini leaf stems are clumped together. This is how you get the unpredictability, depending on what you've cut. It's a very hard skill to master. I've only achieved it by actually missing my top f@#& I missed. Lol
Just a watering tip,
I'm not sure how much good it does but this is my method for hand watering in Coco/pearl mixture.

1) Fill gallon jugs with tap water.
2) Stick an air bubbler in each jug. (infuses water with oxigen and dissipates the chlorine that the city adds to the water)
3) When water is needed (usually every 3 days or so) I adjust PH to 5.8-6.0 and add appropriate nutes for the week that i'm in. ie: start at 20% full strength then go from there.

I dont think you need to see jugs of h2o :)
Here are the Ladys re-potted in the 3 gal pots and placed in my Pride and joy, my re-tasked custom made cabinet.

This is my first time trying a scrog grow, so its a first try for everything. I just made the Scrog Screen out of a piece of Ladder tray.
The plants are sitting on top of the scrog screen just so they can be close to the 3-24" 6400K sun blaster CFL's for veging.
I did my best to LST them. I bent,tied and tucked for a few weeks making sure to promote new growth so i will have many top colas (3 plants x 15 tops min each is the idea) Im not sure if that is too many ?
In these Pic's I have placed them below the screen and adjusted some shelf heights.
The "how much will they stretch" question is confusing me. Some say they will double in size.

I am lucky to have 4 feet of growth height and decent lighting so i think i have chosen enough room to grow these plants out.

Here are some Pic's of the ladys above and below the screen and the 2x250 HPS's on (adding to the 3x24" 6500k's)
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